Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Projected Pleasure
Sequel to Passion Projected
By: Jennifer Salaiz
Word Count: 45,264
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Werewolves]

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, May 12th
Now that Marley's adjusted to motherhood and becoming a wife, she can't fight the feelings building inside of her. She tries to hide her emotional status from Zachary and Cole, but how long will it last before they find out what she truly is? With trouble lurking in the dark forest surrounding the estate, she fears she might not be able to control her body's reactions from danger, or from her uncontrollable lust.

Cole's loved Marley from the moment he met her. In the months he's been searching for a mate all he can think about is his alpha's. Can they share what they once all had together, or will the order to find a partner ruin every hope he holds onto? As the changes erupt in Marley, he's willing to try anything possible to find out.

Projected Pleasure

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB

Price: $5.50

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


    “Marley, what happened to you?”
     Zachary slid his arms under her head and knees and prepared to lift her, but he didn’t even get her off the ground. Her screams echoed through the trees. His whole body froze in terror at what might be wrong with her.
     “Don’t move me!” she sobbed.
     “Honey, talk to me. Are you hurt? What’s wrong? Why are you out here in the forest?” A million thoughts were going through his mind. He was popping out questions—too many questions. The quickness of his heart rate decreased as he tried to calm himself.
     A shuddering breath left her lips while she clawed at the ground with her nails. “I was running. I saw…ghost, but it’s not Cole.”
     Another scream came from her mouth while she kicked her legs out only to curl them back into a ball.
     “A red wolf...I had to protect Demetri, but the pain.”
     “Pain?” He took a good look at her body. She was completely covered in sweat, but he didn’t smell blood. Knowing she wasn’t physically harmed, the realization dawned on him. “Shit, you’re changing already?”
     Zachary ran his hands down her body. As his fingers traced over her ribs, she screamed, causing him to flinch. A handful of wolves and men stood waiting for his commands.
     “I want every inch of these woods searched. It seems we’re not alone. We’re looking for a red wolf and an apparition that looks like a ghost. The apparition you won’t be able to touch, but bring the wolf to me.” Zachary looked at all of them, making sure they knew he meant business.
     “Marley, this is going to hurt worse than anything you’ve ever felt, but I’m going to have to lift you to carry you inside.”
     A growl actually burst past Marley’s lips. Zachary watched in horror as her green eyes began to glow brightly. Every hope he harbored, that maybe his wife had more time, vanished with her appearance. She wasn’t any more human than he. All that was left for her to do was shift, and that would be here sooner than he wanted to think about.
     “I will not be carried yet.” The sound of her voice was so much stronger than her previous state. “I think it’s going away. Just give me time.”
     Another cry passed from her throat while her nails formed into claws. The snapping sound of the bones in her fingers made Zachary wince.
     “Fuck!” Marley screamed, pushing herself to her feet. She clutched desperately to her ribcage while she began to walk toward the estate. Zachary stared at her, amazed. With her eyes glowing and her hands protruding razor sharp claws, she looked unnerving.
     Like a flash of lightening, she was gone. The quickness with which she took off made him trip over his own feet. Even he couldn’t run that fast. What in the hell was his wife turning into?


     “Let me please you, just one more time.”
      Marley laughed. “Didn’t we say that last time? Seriously, I’m not myself right now, Cole. We shouldn’t do this. You need to experience this with your mate. Not with me.”
     The words tore at Cole’s heart. Dammit! He wanted her as his mate. No one else would do. Why did everything have to be so complicated?
     “One more time, Marley, and I swear I’ll really look for someone.”
     As he studied her face, he noticed her eyes narrowed at him. “All right. One more time and then you look for a mate,” she whispered.
     Cole’s lips lowered to hers, kissing her passionately. The taste that filled his mouth swamped his senses. He originally planned on taking things slow, but something inside of him broke, pulling all of his emotions to the surface.
     Their mouths grew more desperate with a need neither one of them seemed to be able to control. Marley ripped his clothes off easily beneath her fingers. Shocked, he paused, looking down at her. The vibrant green of her eyes was glowing. Something told him he should stop, but he couldn’t. He wanted her more than ever.
     Pulling at the silk of her gown, he felt it fall apart in his hand. His lips connected with her nipple, causing her to cry out. Biting down gently, he pulled it between his teeth. A moan accompanying her hand gripping into his hair only encouraged him and drove him faster.
     His fingers buried deep inside of her pussy, exploring and caressing every inch he could touch. Spasms rocked her body, throwing off waves of her scent. Floored, Cole went crazy. Every thought vanished from his mind except the smell of her essence.
* * * *
     The wild tendencies running through Marley ruled her actions. She could feel herself tightening around Cole’s fingers and heard him growl just as he buried himself between her thighs. His eyes had already been glowing when he lowered himself. The meaning of why the men’s eyes illuminated baffled her. It only seemed to happen when their emotions peaked.
     Cole’s tongue buried deep inside of her while his hands pinned her wrists from moving. Arching her back against the weightless air, Marley let him feast, basking in the bliss. The grip tightened around her wrists as Cole came up panting heavily.
     “Marley, I’m telling you, something is going on with your scent. The power.”
     Cutting him off, Marley grabbed around the back of his neck, pulling him up and crushing her lips to his. If they began speaking, their moment would be ruined. Too much new information had been discovered since she last saw him.
     The length of Cole’s cock entered her swiftly, causing her to scream into his mouth. The thrusts were just as fast. He pounded into her mercilessly, so unlike what she was used to with him. He always made it clear to her on how fragile he viewed her. Now, it was like he wasn’t even the same person, but she couldn’t help but love the way he wasn’t holding back.
     “That’s right, Cole. Show me how much you want me.”
     He groaned, pushing his lips back into hers. The taste of their blood washed over Marley’s tongue, and she knew it wasn’t hers that ignited her adrenaline. She’d already tasted Cole’s blood before, and, now, with the tease she just sampled, she wanted more.
     Grabbing his hair, she pulled his head back, exposing his neck, but it wasn’t the neck she wanted. The need to feel meat beneath her teeth ruled her. Spotting the junction between his neck and shoulder, she watched his muscles flex. Without thought, she buried her teeth into him.


Robert A Meacham said...

Okay Jennifer, I read these excerpts and push myself to finish my paranormal novel. You write with such ease. You can tell your mind is in a whirl while writing, the tale of a true author. I see your talent expanding into a 109k novel that is fast paced, flowing, and vividly exposed on the pages of your literary gateway.
Thank you for inspiring me through your awesome writing.

Jennifer Bradley said...

Robert, I'm honored you feel that way. My next one out isn't quite 109k, but I'm moving on up. The second book in that series is the one I'm currently working on and it's at 76k right now and I still have another 2 chapters or so to go so...we'll see how many words I have by the end of that one.

I can't wait until your novel gets published. As soon as it's available, I'm going to buy the first copy. THAT is a promise!