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Back at it...

Now that the holidays are over, minus New Years, it's time to get back to work. Currently, I'm working on a western historical romance that I'm super excited about. Mercy's Kiss is the first book in The Mercy Law series. Not sure what exactly is happening with this story in terms of a publisher. I may submit to Avon and see what they think of it, but time will tell.

40k words in and I have to say, this story is surprising me left and right. Although it is full of action and romance, it is quickly becoming something all of its own. The main character's, Amelia and Wesley, are just phenomenal together. And to make the story even better, we have Seth, a former deputy, who is also in love with Amelia. He'll be the next hero in the series...if my muse permits. Jason Wilkes, Texas Ranger, is up for a close second, so we shall see.

In other news, I should be receiving the cover art and edits for A Dream Mating (Astral Awakenings 1), any time now. This story is being published through Siren-Bookstrand and I hope you're ready because this one is HOT! It's a MFM BDSM that has to do with astral projection and dream lovers. But that's just the foundation. This story is jam packed with mystery and action. I can't wait for it to be available to readers. If all goes well with during the editing process, the tentative release date is set for March 2014. :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just in time for the Holiday Season!

With the holiday season quickly approaching we're all staying pretty busy. But I have a treat for you book lovers. If you're looking to get your hands on a few great books, plus, win some awesome prizes, one being a $100 Amazon Gift Card, feel free to enter my drawing!

There's no catch. Just me wanting to give back to all of you fantastic readers. Happy Holidays and I hope you all stay warm this winter.

I have one of my Facebook author names (Jenny May) posted. It's not mandatory, but feel free to click the like button if you want. :)


Some of the prizes up for grabs:

Your pick of one of these books! (Ebook copy)
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You pick one of these books! (Ebook copy)
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Series Showcase: Dark Days Ranch

Series Showcase: Dark Days Ranch by Jenny May. (Me!)

 1. The setting seems very important to the feel and tone of the series. What about the West Texas setting intrigues you?

My husband and I have driven through there on the way to California num...erous times. I always get swept away with the large hills and open space. It’s the perfect spot for bringing wolf-shifting cowboys to life.

2. Many of the books in the series center on conflicts over the title of alpha. It’s a very exciting plot element! It sometimes feels like the heroes are plotting little military coups. What made you decide to structure your books around this sort of struggle?

There’s always an alpha, but to make him great, he must be not only strong and brave, but caring and compassionate. A true leader, like all of my sexy men. And even hotter is a stealthy cowboy who is willing to risk all to protect the pack he’s a part of, even if it is stepping up to a challenge he might not be sure of.

3. Where did the initial spark of an idea for the Dark Days Ranch series come from?

The first thing that came to me was the name, Dark Days. My desire to write cowboys brought on the ranch. Once I put Dark Days Ranch together, the men didn’t hesitate to make themselves known.

4. Okay. Damien, Rogue, Knox. Who wins in a fight? Which one of them is the biggest, baddest alpha of the bunch?

Oh no, lol. This is probably one of the hardest questions I’ve ever had to answer concerning a book. They’re so evenly matched, for that I’m just not sure. All I know is it would be one heck of a fight!

5. The Dark Days crew is now spread out over much of West Texas. What’s next for the series?

I have a few stories that are dying to make themselves known. For instance, Chief is in desperate need of a mate, and so are Zain and Zavier, who make their appearance in CRACK THE WHIP. I’m really excited about those two.

Available today! Order now:

And don’t forget to check out Jenny May’s Fave Five on Pinterest!
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Release Day to The 30 Day Dom!

Cruz knows it’s time to find a sub. When he’s introduced to Jane, a protected sub from a private agency, they have an immediate connection. She’s everything he has always wanted in a submissive. Her need for protection is exactly what the Dom in him craves. But he can’t ignore the nagging feeling that he knows her from somewhere.

Jane’s attraction to Cruz is automatic. Her body burns for him, and he quiets her mind from the fears of her past. But one night of explosive passion quickly puts their Dom and sub relationship to the ultimate test. With her possessive ex-master searching for her, and an unplanned pregnancy testing their bond, can Cruz and Jane overcome the obstacles and find happiness? Or will Ben find a way to separate the two before they even get started?
Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, flogging, wax play

“Come stand before me, doll.”
She immediately obeyed. Cruz loosened his tie and took off the cuff links. He rolled up his sleeves to just below his elbows.
“Next time you fear something, you call me. Me first. You belong to me, Jane. You’re my responsibility.” He stood and locked his arm around her waist, lifting her against his body. A gasp exploded from her mouth.
Cruz stalked to his room, tossing her on her stomach, over the bed. The dress she wore gave him a view of her thighs and he immediately gripped them, separating her legs, wide. “Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“From there we’ll call Zevier. But it will be me you come to before anyone else.” He pulled the dress over her head, revealing a white bra and lace panties, and threw it down to the ground. The roundness of her ass was what his dreams had been made up of these last few days. He opened the drawer from his nightstand and saw her turn in the direction. Light reflected from the blade of his knife as he flicked his wrist and opened it. “Tell me you trust me, Jane.”
Her eyes went from the knife to his face. There was not an ounce of fear. “I trust you. One hundred percent.”
The thin material at her hip gave way under the sharp edge. Cruz cut the other side and pulled them off. “Fuck.” He cut the back of the bra and tossed the knife back in the drawer. His hands gripped both sides of her ass. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He squeezed and heard her breath catch. “You’re going to get your punishment now. I can’t tell you how much your dismissal affected me. I really thought we’d gotten close enough these last few days.”
“I’m sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again.”
“Be sure that it doesn’t. Before I start, your safeword is New London. I’m pretty sure you won’t forget that.” He picked her up by the waist and sat on the bed. Jane fit perfectly over his knees. He watched her bra fall to the floor and reached over, rolling her hard nipple between his fingers. “Repeat the safeword so I know you heard it.”
“New London, Sir.”
He smiled. “Good girl.” His hands went back to gripping her ass. The view of her shaved pussy was something he hadn’t expected. But he couldn’t deny that it tested his control. He couldn’t wait to be buried deep inside of his new sub.
Pressure against the bottom of his sac had his eyes looking down. Jane moved her fingers over the material of his pants again and he didn’t wait. The sound of the spanking echoed throughout the room.
“You know better than that, Jane.” He brought his hand down over the same spot and watched her head fly up. “No touching unless I tell you.” Red was already beginning to glow on her ass. Just seeing his mark on her sent a wave of possessiveness through him. Jane was his now. The moment she’d allowed him to lock that bracelet on her wrist, he owned her. It may have been a little soon to make that decision, but he couldn’t deny the connection he felt with her. Now he knew why.
Wetness greeted his fingers as he traced them down her swollen folds. The response of her body to what he was doing was what it was all about. He wanted her to enjoy it. Thrive under his rule.
Cruz slid his finger over her clit and massaged circles into the sensitive area. A moan filled the room while Jane gripped against his calf muscle. After a few minutes she began to squirm, and he loved it. “Whom do you belong to?”
“You, Sir.”
He moved to her opening and traced the tip of his finger, just inside of her entrance. “And who do you come to when you need something?”
“You.” The response purred from Jane’s mouth. He eased his finger inside, feeling her envelop him tightly. Cruz used his other to spank her bottom, again. At her pussy clenching against him, a growl tore from his throat. Dammit, he wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his life.
“You, what?”
“Sir,” she yelled out. “You, Sir.”
“That’s right.” Slowly, he began to thrust into the wetness. “You’re mine, Jane. More than you know.” Cruz pulled her down a little and spread her legs apart wide. He wanted full view of what he was doing. Jane rested one of her knees on the mattress while the other he supported in the crook of his arm. Faster he thrust, until she was screaming. “You’re so fucking close, Jane. I can feel it. But you’re going to wait. You’re not going to cum until I give you permission.”
“Sir, please.” She moved against him, beginning to squirm.
“No. Rein it in. I’m not giving you permission yet.”
Jane’s nail dug through the pants, into his skin. Cruz closed his eyes, feeding from the pain. From her pleasure. He stilled his fingers and lifted his other hand, bringing it down on her ass.
‘Oh god.” She moaned and breathed out hard. “Sir, I want to cum. Please. I’ll do anything.”
Darkness took over his smile. “Watch out, Janie. Anything covers a vast amount of possibilities.”
She continued to move. “For you,” she turned and looked at him, “I’d do anything, Brandon.”
The use of his birth name from her mouth had his heart all but stopping. No one had called him Brandon since high school. Cruz stared at her flushed face in awe. This was what he’d been waiting for. A sub that not only stirred emotion within him, but one who was willing to embrace who he was. And Jane did that. That, and so much more.
“So be it.” He took off his tie and picked up her hands, binding them behind her back. As he laid her stomach-down on the bed, he walked to the closet and grabbed his riding crop and a blindfold. “I’m about to make you fucking cum so good, baby. You just wait.” Cruz spread her legs wide and picked up the restraints that he had hidden at the bottom corners of the bed.
Jane lifted her head and peered back as he strapped her in. To see her under his complete control was an amazing site. The longing in her eyes drove him forward. It was time to show his Janie what it meant to be his sub, and him, her Dom.

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Crack the Whip (DDR3)

Crack the Whip (Dark Days Ranch 3) is not on Pre-Order!!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, werewolves, paddling, flogging, cropping, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Georgina’s seen both the good and the bad that comes from having mates. The love the bonding creates lasts a lifetime. But that’s just it. After she watches her mother die of a broken heart, the anxiety Georgina develops over bonding to Damien and Austin is well warranted. Can she get over her fear, or will she keep the pact with her brother that they’re better off alone?

Damien and Austin know they have to bring Georgina around to being their mate. After all, Damien sees the perfect submissive that Georgina is, and he wants her to embrace the life she’s been ordered to live by their alpha. But as things heat up between the three of them, a plea for Damien to take over the Big C leaves him with a tough decision. Does he try to become the alpha he’s always known himself to be, and risk making Georgina’s fear of losing one of her mates a possible reality? Or does he walk away from it all and face the consequences?

Story Excerpt
Damien’s finger settled under Georgina’s chin and pushed her mouth shut. She hadn’t even realized it was open. “See. We’re home, alive, and well.”
“You.” She shook her head at him. “You could have killed us.”
Damien laughed loud. “That would not have killed us, Georgina.” The driver’s side door opened and he got out. She turned and looked at Austin. The smile on his face said he was one hundred percent with Damien.
“Men.” Georgina headed for the house.
“Oh come on, sweetheart. Don’t be upset. It was fun. You need to learn to live a little.” Austin shut the door and she spun around to looked at him.
“Fun? I’m about to show you fun.” She looked at Damien. “Pop the trunk.”
As Georgina walked around to the back of the car she felt her wolf surge through her. The back opened and she took out her whip. “Down. Now.”
Austin turned to Damien and she gripped the wooden handle tightly, letting the end hit the ground. As she circled it over her head the whistling brought his face snapping in her direction. But it was too late. The leather wrapped around his ankle and she jerked hard. Austin hit the ground and stared up at her in shock. “I told you to get down, cowboy. Are you having a hard time hearing?”
Damien pressed his lips together as if he was trying to repress a smile. He stepped back and crossed his arms over his chest, watching.
“Take off the shirt and get on your knees. I want your head touching the ground. If you so much as move, you’re going to be in so much trouble. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Geo—”
“No. I’m not Georgina to you right now.” Her body was shaking at the adrenaline pumping through her. Yes. This was right. Although she could easily submit to Damien, she wanted this from Austin. “I’m your mistress, and you will address me as such. Now say it.”
“Yes, mistress.” Austin pulled his white T-shirt over his head and assumed the position. She began circling around him slowly. Angle and distance were everything. If she was off, she could hurt him or miss completely. It was a dangerous game she was playing, and she knew it. If she wasn’t one hundred percent sure she could do it, Georgina would have walked away. But this was her life. She could wield a whip in the dark and hit her target spot on.
Damien’s movement caught her attention and she met his eyes. There was such a sense of pride on his face that Georgina’s heart exploded in rhythm. She turned back to Austin and focused on him. There was a good few feet between them. As she made it to his backside she spun the whip and popped her wrist. Dirt flew up a few inches from his face just like she’d intended. “Do you trust me, Austin?”
“Yes, mistress.”
Georgina walked forward and sent the end trailing along his back gently. As if making an invisible infinity symbol in the air, she let the whip connected tenderly against his flesh. Austin initially jumped at the first contact but seemed to relax almost instantly. “That’s right. See, isn’t this fun?” Georgina moved to his other side and repeated the action. “I think you can take it a little harder, my pet. You’ve heard the colors. Enlighten me.”
The whip cracked and Georgina connected with the dirt, brought the end around, and then let it make contact with the far side of his back. A moan came from Austin’s mouth, and she couldn’t deny how wet it made her feel. “Green, mistress.”
“Good, boy.”
The leather met his skin a good inch higher. Austin’s fingers dug into the earth. Sounds began coming from his mouth that were bordered on pleasure and pain. A pause in his speech told her the last one was hard for him to decide on.
“Green, mistress.”
The whelped areas called to her. All Georgina wanted to do was run her tongue over the swelling. And she knew Austin was enjoying this. Over the last few days she’d seen Damien do things to him a lot more intense.
The power of the whip circled around overhead and Georgina brought the length against his ass. Austin’s head shot up and his gaze looked heavy and smoldering as he stared straight ahead. “We’re done, my pet. You may stand.”
“Thank you, mistress.” Austin grabbed his shirt from the ground and rubbed his ass. “I think that’s the best spanking by far.”
“Come here.” Georgina spun him around and ran her fingers over the swollen skin. Softly, she began placing kisses against him until she felt like she covered every inch. “Now, let’s go take a shower.”
Damien stepped in her path. The moment he placed his hands on his hips Georgina lowered her head. Her eyes flashed up, but she didn’t hold the contact.
“Yes, Damien?”
“Look at me.” One of his eyebrows was raised as she lifted her head. “Although I enjoyed your gift to Austin, I have to admit, I really wanted you to completely stay submissive.” His hand reached out and she took it. At his pull she stepped closer.
Georgina glanced over at Austin and took in Damien’s face. “Are you upset with me, Damien? I’m sorry if I let you down.”
Soft lips pressed into her forehead. “You make an excellent submissive, Georgina. But you can’t hold in what makes you feel complete. I saw you. You were in your element. You’re a switch, plain and simple. Austin here isn’t though. Are you, pet?”
“No.” He smiled. “I’m the submissive. And I like it that way.”
“Good.” Damien held his hand to Austin. The cowboy came over and sandwiched Georgie between them “And you,” Damien said to Austin. “You’re making lunch. Georgie cooked dinner so it’s your turn. She and I are taking a shower. When we’re finished, we will all eat. Then you can jump in the shower. Afterward, I want you on the bed naked. You will wait for us to come to you. Understood?”
“Yes, Damien.”
They walked inside and Austin headed straight for the kitchen. Georgina couldn’t take her eyes off of the marks. She could tell her mate seemed to walk taller. Almost as if he was showing them off proudly. Nothing had felt more right than when her whip was connecting with his back. This was her calling. Who she was.
Adult Excerpt

“You are mine, and you will look at me when I tell you to.” Fingers gripped in her wet hair and he pulled back, hard. Her eyes lifted, met his, and lowered to his chest. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” He crouched before her. “I suddenly realized how hard it was going to be to leave you.” The fingers that were so harsh only seconds before loosened. He trailed his touch down until he connected to her lips. “I can’t bear the thought of us separating.” The pad of his thumb pushed past her mouth.
Georgina met his eyes, but kept quiet. She focused on where he’d breached. The tip of her tongue brushed against him and Damien closed his eyes and stood. His hard cock drew her higher on her knees. Her mouth was practically watering at the sight.
“Suck it, doll. I can see how much you want to.”
Georgina lifted her hand and gripped around the thick base. Pre-cum glided over her tongue as she slid it in a circle over his tip. The tight grip in her hair returned as he collected the blonde curls in his fist. “God, you were made for sucking cock and fucking.” His length pushed into her mouth and she added a light suction to pull him in even more. Damien groaned and withdrew, just to ease back into her until he reached her throat.
“Shit,” he groaned. The way he moved his hips as he thrust into her drew Georgina’s eyes. The muscles flexed in his stomach with each movement. She took in everything while she watched him fuck her mouth. Damien’s hand came to her cheek, and she felt his grip tighten. “Too good. Sit over there on the seat.”
The dark marble was cold against her ass. Damien pushed her legs apart and pulled her hips down to meet his face. The first contact against her smooth folds caused Georgina to arch her back. Hair was sticking to her face and the wall and she didn’t care. She spread her legs wider, moaning at the brief contact Damien made against her clit.
“Show me how much you like it. Just this once, don’t hold your hands back.”
Georgina’s fingers gripped into his hair and she pulled him deeper into her pussy. Pressure pushed into her opening and she moved her hips against his face. “Oh.” Georgina moaned the word at the difference in pressure. Damien pushed two fingers deep inside of her and sucked along the length of her slit. His tongue flicked over her clit fast, almost nonexistent.
She could feel herself beginning to tighten around his fingers as he pounded them against a foreign spot deep inside of her. The sensation was so unlike anything she felt before. It was almost too much.
“You’re going to squirt so fucking good that you’re going to be begging me to do this to you all the time.”
Damien’s arm came around her hip, holding her into place. As his teeth sunk into her inner thigh Georgina screamed against the release she felt explode from her. Her body was jerking against the spasms, and they weren’t stopping. Over and over she felt herself being drained.
“That’s my girl.” Damien’s fingers eased from her pussy, and Georgina could barely move. Hands wiped the hair from her face, but still she couldn’t come down from the high she felt. Her eyes felt like they weighed a ton and it wasn’t until Damien cupped her face that she was able to open them. “Now I’m going to fuck you.”
He lifted her limp body to straddle his waist and Georgina had to force her legs to lock around him. At the pressure of his cock, she sighed in bliss and felt herself mold to his thick length.
The cold wall was suddenly at her back. She let her weight settle against it while she held onto his neck. “Eyes open. Look at me.” And she did. No matter how heavy her body felt, or how dreamy her mind was, Georgina focused on the pleasure she was experiencing now.
“So obedient.”
He thrust deep, and she cried out against the tightening that was already starting to take her again.
“You will not come yet, Georgie. Say it.”
“I will not come…Damien.” Fuck. She dug her nails into his back as he surged into her fast and hard. The groove of marble that held shampoo bottles dug into her shoulder, and she welcomed the pain. Searing heat engulfed her insides at the upcoming release.
The sound of his hips hitting against her inner thighs was all Georgina could hear. And it was beautiful. The fingers gripping her ass suddenly disappeared, and the slap that followed nearly had her coming on the spot.
“Not yet.” He dropped to his knees and cradled Georgina out in front of him, still continuing to pull her toward him. His cock reached new depths inside of her and she moaned against the agonizing wait. The feel of her wet hair getting pulled in the direction of the draining water was all too erotic in that moment.
Damien’s name screamed from her mouth. “Please.”
The hand that gripped her shoulder tightened and the other one he had on her hip lowered until he grasped the mound of her ass. “Now, doll. Come for me.”
Damien’s cock was so thick inside of her pussy that it was all she could feel as her orgasm tightened her around him. The moment his cum shot deep into her core, Georgina pushed down against him to take his essence in deeper. A sound like something between a moan and a growl poured from her mate. The satisfaction she felt at his reaction couldn’t have made her happier. He’d always somehow managed to brand her his when they were intimate, but hearing him now, she couldn’t help but think that she’d finally marked some place deep within him, too.


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New Cover Love...

*unedited blurb*

 Georgina’s seen both, the good, and the bad, that comes from having mates. The love the bonding creates lasts a lifetime. But that’s just it. After she watches her mother die of a broken heart, the anxiety Georgina develops over bonding to Damien and Austin is well warranted. Can she get over her fear, or will she keep the pact with her brother that they’re better off alone?
Damien and Austin know they have to bring Georgina around to being their mate. After all, Damien sees the perfect submissive that Georgina is, and he wants her to embrace the life she’s been ordered to live by their alpha. But as things heat up between the three of them, a plea for Damien to take over The Big C leaves him with a tough decision. Does he try to become the alpha he’s always known himself to be, and risk making Georgina’s fear of losing one of her mates a possible reality? Or does he walk away from it all and face the consequences?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Release Day for Their Dark Hunter

Happy Release Day to Their Dark Hunter (Masters of Darkness)!

No one is a better demon master than Vex. He’s thrived in his role at taking charge of the city. But things change when a demon hunter starts taking out his men. In his own club, no less. The moment the dark hunter starts playing games, he and his master-in-training are all too willing to show her the rules.

Only thing is, will the three of them be able to see the consequences of their actions before it’s too late? Or will their bond open up a new life they could have never even imagined?

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All Romance Ebooks

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My interview with Angelina Cavanaugh, cover model for The 30 Day Sub!

Rarely do authors get to meet the models that appear on the cover of their books, but I've been blessed to meet Angelina Cavanaugh, who appears on 2 of my covers! She's a beautiful person, inside and out, and I was blown away when she allowed me to interview her concerning The 30 Day Sub.

She was kind enough to describe how shoot day typically goes down, and even how she feels about seeing herself on the covers of books. Plus more! Click the link below to watch the interview.

Here's my second cover that she appears on, releasing Oct 25th!

A big thank you to Angelina Cavanaugh for answering my questions. Feel free to swing by and like her page on Facebook!
If you'd like a chance to win a free ebook copy of The 30 Day Sub, just comment!  I will be picking a winner, Nov 1st.

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Their Dark Hunter cover reveal and adult excerpt.

Adult Excerpt

Melody held perfectly still even though her pussy ached to rub against Trace. She wanted him so much that it was driving her crazy. The darkness within swirled, tempting her. Something wanted out, and she had no idea what it was
Vex’s hands gripped her ass and she moaned as his tongue traced over her back opening. Her mouth instantly found Trace’s. The need to move against him was automatic, but with his hands holding her still, it was impossible.

His tongue disappeared and she could feel him moving his mouth up and down her mate’s thick length. Trace’s tongue massaged against hers and she dug her nails into his shoulders. Pressure rubbed against her opening and she rested her forehead into Trace’s, trying to catch her breath.

“I want to fuck your ass while Trace fucks your pussy. Let me call your demon, again, Mel. You can take it if she’s in control.”

Just the thought of both of her men pushing deep inside of her was the ultimate temptation. Not to mention that she was dying to have control to be able to move again. The tightening in her core was growing with each thrust from the tip of Vex’s finger.

“Mel, just one more. I won’t call her again unless I ask first. You have complete control.”

His hand urged her forward and his other fingers eased deep into her pussy. Melody was nodding her head before she could think.

“Trace, you do it. You’re powerful enough now. Pull out her demon.”

Melody looked into his eyes and she knew there was something deep within her that was making him nervous. His stare began to glow and the tug on her insides was automatic. She felt her gaze grow big at just how powerful he was. He was almost every bit the master Vex was, he’d just done a hell of a job hiding it.

A tint covered her vision and she knew the demon had surfaced. Trace looked away the moment the darkness surged though her.


“Good job.” Vex rubbed lube over the opening of her pussy and ass. A deep moan poured from her mouth. Stinging erupted on her ass at the slap of Vex’s hand. “Lift a little, doll.”

Melody thrived against the pain. She leaned forward against Trace and Vex’s fingers slid deep, only to immediately withdraw.

“You’re so fucking ready for us,” Vex said, molding himself against her back.

Trace’s cock slid inside of her, and she kissed him as he inched his way inside. The thickness against the opening of her ass made her tense. She’d never done anal before, and she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Relax, Melody.” Vex rubbed his cheek against hers. The order had her whole body reacting to his command. Her head settled in Trace’s neck and she sucked his skin lightly into her mouth. He pushed deeper into her pussy, just as Vex eased a good two inches into her ass. “Good girl.” Her master leaned forward and kissed Trace. His movement had him sliding even deeper. The friction between both of their cocks going into her at different rhythms was an overwhelming ecstasy she’d never known before. Now she almost knew how Trace felt as he fucked her and Vex fucked him.

A cry came from her mouth as Vex withdrew and entered her fully. The orgasm that shook her body was automatic and hit her hard.

“That’s right, Melody. Cum all over Trace’s cock. I’m going to suck all your sweet juices from it once we’re finished. And you know what? You’re going to help me.” Vex pushed into her faster and Trace immediately pulled her mouth to his.

His eyes didn’t break from hers the whole time he kissed her. He held her locked with his stare, and she was surprised given how he didn’t want to keep contact, before.

At the intimacy, something began to swirl in Melody’s chest. It was that part that she’d been repressing. The more she felt love for the two men giving her pleasure, the more it grew. Fear started to take over, but the sensations from Vex and Trace were throwing her off, making it impossible to rein the feeling back in.
“Keep looking at me,” Trace whispered. “Don’t you dare let your mind take you over.…I want you in this moment every second.” His hand gripped into her hip and she continued to move slowly.

Vex kept a steady pace while Trace let her go at her own speed. They both were so thick inside of her. The feeling went well beyond full, and every bit consuming.

Need was triggered at their swelling. She continued to stare into Trace’s eyes, feeling the hammering pounded against her chest. What was going to happen? She could feel the power building into a burning inferno.


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Evernight Blog Hop Winner!

It's that time! Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my blog for you chance to win a few copy of The 30 Day Sub! The winner of the free ebook copy is:


Again, thank you all for stopping by! It's means a lot. :)

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Happy Release Day for TIghtening the Ropes!

This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, October 16th.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, werewolves, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

Knox has guarded his heart from ever getting close to anyone. Intelligence work was supposed to keep him away from people, but a pull to be closer to the ranch leads him to discover Lewis. With one look at the horse trainer, Knox can feel the walls he’s put up begin to crumble. The damage only gets worse when he gets pulled over by Officer Lynna Gordova. Upon sight, he knows the three are meant to be together.

But things aren’t as they appear with Lynna. What led her into law enforcement so long ago has returned in the form of their rival enemy. As things heat up between Dark Days and Hidden Hills, the three of them are thrown right into the middle of a fight Knox isn’t sure he’s ready for. Will the Alpha in him be ready to step up to the plate, or will Lynna’s long lost brother be able to convince her that his corrupt plans for her are in Lynna’s best interest?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Knox felt his jaw drop. He stood up and looked over to Lewis who was leaning against the wall silently laughing.
“You think this is funny?” The cowboy continued to laugh.
“Damn right it is. You’re both so bull-headed. Why can’t we all just sit down and talk this out? Maybe then something will happen and this bonding with go through…how did you put it? As painlessly as possible?”
Knox groaned. “Oh my God. You two are just—”
“Awesome?” Lynna winked at him.  He knew she was just playing. But he couldn’t stop from wanting to lash out. The bond meant he’d be tied to them for the rest of his life. It was so permanent. What about everything he’d tried so hard to lock inside of himself? He could feel them already working their way into the dark recess of his heart. All he could think about was trying to fight it, and that involved pushing his mates away. Unfortunately, for Lynna, he knew the perfect button to push.
Knox shook his head. “And you’re a cop? Are you sure?”
The amusement left her face. “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Just that. You can’t be serious for one second. How are you able to do your job?”
Lynna stepped down from the bed and glared at him. “I’m a damn good cop. Never question that. You got lucky today. If you wouldn’t have caught me off guard with your freakishly abnormal speed I would have had you in handcuffs faster than you could have blinked.”
Knox smiled. “But you didn’t, did you? I think you were the one in the handcuffs. In the back of my car, no less.”
“Okay, that’s it.” Lewis pushed from the wall and headed over to them. “I’ve had enough of you two. Knox, apologize right now.”
He looked over to Lewis, but Lynna’s pain squeezed at his heart. The whole reason he was here was because he wanted to save them. Yet, here he was, finding ways to hurt them. It wasn’t right. “I’m sorry, Lynna. That was uncalled for. I’m sure you’re a good cop.”
“I am,” she whispered.
Lewis stepped closer to them. “Now clothes off. Both of you.”
Knox looked at Lynna and they both turned their attention to him.
“I’m serious. I’ve had enough. Clothes off.”
Lynna put her hands on her hips. “How is that going to settle anything?”
Lewis unhooked his belt buckle. “It’s gotta happen eventually. Maybe if we jump right into the sex then you two will be less likely to argue once we’re finished. If that’s not the case, then someone hasn’t done their job. Now, off with the clothes.”
Lewis was the first to strip down. Lynna hesitated, but slowly, she started undressing. He had to admit, he was surprised. As he stared at his mates’ beautiful, nude bodies, Knox wasn’t sure he could join them. This wasn’t his scene. Everything sexual he was into was as dark as he was on the inside.
“Well, Knox?” Lynna’s chest heaved, making her beautiful plump breasts rise and fall. Her pink nipples were tight. They called to him. He wanted to gently bite the tiny nubs between his teeth until she cried out in pleasure.
“Yeah, I don’t think I can just…you know.” Knox wasn’t sure why, but he pulled off his shirt.
Lewis looked back at the rope. “You need something more, don’t you?” He walked over and picked it up from the bed. “I’m game.”
The looked wasn’t one that said he was down for some good ol’ tying up. There was something deeper, more profound, in Lewis’s expression.
“I’m not so sure you are.” Knox’s tilted his head and really took Lewis in. The guy was definitely fit. More on the leaner side, but the muscle defined his body beautifully, none the less.
“Try me. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been in ropes.”
The sex appeal about the cowboy was suddenly overwhelming. Knox had never been attracted to a man before, but out of nowhere his cock hardened at the thought of having Lewis bound and begging him for more.
The end of the rope dangled from Lewis’s hand. “Show me what you got.”
Knox held his eye contact. These were his mates, dammit. His. Possessiveness quickly took over as he realized how much they wanted him. His mind fought it, but the he knew the damage was done. He led Lewis to the bed. Over and over he wrapped the hemp around his male mate’s forearms, down to his wrists. From there he looped it to the frame of the headboard. As deep breaths made the cowboy’s chest rise and fall, Knox couldn’t break his stare. His, repeated again.
“Not good enough.” Lewis shook his head back and forth. “Stop worrying about hurting me. Tighten the rope.”
Lynna could feel herself adjust as Knox eased the toy into her opening. Her stomach was tight with wanting to release. She’d been so close before Knox had stopped sucking on her. The man drove her absolutely insane. They butted heads every second, but at those rare moments like right now, she could feel herself falling hard for him.
He was different from anyone she’d ever met. There was a darkness about him and although she didn’t understand it before, everything was starting to make sense. He didn’t like to be touched or controlled. Lynna wanted to know why. Who made him the person he was today?
Knox’s thumb rubbed against her clit. It took everything she had, but Lynna forced her heavy eyes open. She had to watch what was going on in front of her. It was too damn hot to miss.
The toy began to thrust into her at a faster pace. Knox rubbed his face against Lewis’s neck and the cowboy leaned back against him. The contact of his hand left her and Knox moved his touch to Lewis’s defined chest.
Her pussy tightened against the fake cock and she forced herself not to release. More. God, she wanted to see so much more.
With care, Knox brought his fingertips down over Lewis’s abs. The cowboy was breathing hard as he lowered his hand even further.
“Oh shit.” The words left Lynna before she could think to stop herself. A naughty smile came to his face and her orgasm exploded while she took in Knox, wrapping his hand around Lewis’s thickness. Spasms rocked her body and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him stroking the long, thick length.
“I think she likes what she sees,” Knox whispered. His teeth grazed down Lewis’s earlobe and the cowboy groaned.
“It feels good.” Lewis voice was thick as he spoke.
The toy left her pussy and she made a sound at the missing contact. A part of her still couldn’t believe this was happening. Both of these men were completely different, and yet, watching them interact together, she got the impression that they were completely in love. Even though Lewis was tied up, he was thriving in his submission. And Knox. What a one-eighty. The care in his touch was almost shocking. Knox untied Lewis’s feet and she watched as he slid a condom over Lewis’s cock.
“You’re going to fuck her, and I’m going to fuck you. What do you think about that?”
Lewis’s mouth opened a little. “I’ve never been with a man before.” He turned to look at Knox. His arms were still tied, but without his legs buckled down, Lynna could tell he was having an easier time moving.
“We’ll take things slow.” The confidence on Knox’s face must have satisfied Lewis. He nodded his head and faced her. She watched as the two bodies molded again. “Now, let her watch you get worked up.” Knox leveled his lips by Lewis’s ear again. “You’re going to like this. Maybe a little too much. But there’s one thing,” Lewis turned to him while he spoke. “You are not to come until I tell you to. If you do there will be consequences. Got that?”
Lewis’s eyes bore into his. “I won’t.”
Knox applied lube to his hand and eased Lewis forward, over her. He looked like he easily held the cowboy’s weight on his forearm. Lynna was amazed. She maneuvered her head around as best as she could to see what was happening.
“Relax.” Knox closed his eyes and ran his face down the length of Lewis’s back. She noticed he breathed in deeply as he did.
“Good.” Knox’s hand adjusted and he slid a finger inside of his ass. Lewis pressed his lips together. She could see the pleasure on his face. He liked it, and knowing that, she could feel herself get turned on all over again.
“Beautiful.” He continued to thrust his finger into of Lewis. The moment she noticed that Knox was lubing up his other finger she lifted the top part of her body. The rope pulled her arms, but she was able to lift enough to reach Lewis.
He took to her mouth greedily. The feel of his tongue sliding against her own was too much to bear. Even though her stomach was burning from using her muscles to support herself, Lynna drank him in as much as she could.
“Fuck.” Need had her squirming on the bed.
“Knox,” Lewis moaned.
He positioned Lewis between Lynna’s legs. Knox tore open a package and slid a condom down his own thick cock. “Not yet, Lewis. You’ve still got to get me and Lynna off. I’m going to untie you and you’re going to make love to her real good. And I’m going to make you come like never before. Buy Now!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Evernight's Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Evernight's Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Celebrate like a ROCK STAR because Evernight Publishing is THREE!

In three short years, Evernight has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to readers like you! Evernight is pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY BASH BLOG HOP in your honor!

That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents…

Prizes include:

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Kindle Paperwhite

Kobo Touch

$100 Evernight and Amazon Gift Certificates

Mega Evernight Swag Pack

Plus, each author on the hop will offer his/her own special prize!

I'm thrilled to be part of this blog hop. Evernight is an amazing publisher! I've been blessed to have been accepted into the Evernight family with such open arms. From the staff, to my fellow authors, everyone I've met has been extremely accepting and helpful. I encourage you, if you're thinking about reaching out to one of your favorite authors about one of their stories, DO IT! We love to hear from you. :)
Speaking of stories, I'd love to be able to share mine with you. It was just released, yesterday!
When I originally came up with the idea of The 30 Day Sub, I was nearly asleep (that's usually the time the best ideas come) and the story hit me hard. It was enough to cause me to constantly repeat the idea over in my head so I wouldn't forget.
By that morning, well....I did forget, lol. But it wasn't until I was making lunch that it all came back, and boy did it. I rushed straight to my computer and didn't stop writing until about 3AM in the morning. It was nearly non-stop, soul pouring words that flowed onto the pages, beautifully. Of course, the first draft is never a pretty picture, but by the time I finished it, and read over the story 4 times...I couldn't stop smiling. Torrance and Cate stole my heart and branded their love into my heart probably forever. This was the first contemporary that I've written in years, and now that I got a taste, I think there's plenty of more to come. I hope you enjoy the blurbs and excerpts below.
Cate craves a master more than anything. The moment she meets Torrance McLaren, her trainer, she knows that his firm hand and gentle heart are exactly what she needs to get over her weight and trust issues from her dark past. But Torrance is so much more than what she expected, and she quickly catches herself falling for him. Things turn hot, fast, and the temptation to give in to each other is overwhelming for both.
Even though Torrance knows he’ll only have Cate for a month, he claims her as his own. As long as she’s under his roof, she belongs to him. But her real master and his ridiculous rules about her diet quickly begin to get under his skin. Cate has gorgeous curves and a big heart. She’s the perfect submissive. But ultimately, not his. Will Torrance be able train her and send her to her real master, or will he risk everything for a thirty-day sub?

Adult Excerpt:

The slap sent pain coursing through her already sore ass. With Torrance locked into her hair, Cate couldn’t move at all. Not that she wanted to. Maybe deep down she’d wished this would happen.
“You hesitated before you did it. That only means one thing. You debated, and you knew there was a chance you shouldn’t. Yet, you did.” He spanked her again. Cate moaned loudly. Her hips moved on their own, unconsciously begging for him to touch her pussy. A cry came from her mouth as he did.

Pressure moved down her folds, rubbing the wetness around in circles. “Tonight, you’re mine. You may have a master expecting you in thirty days, but until he comes, you belong to me. Say it, Cate. Tell me who owns you.”

“You do, Master.”  
The sound of his belt unfastening was like music to her ears, yet she couldn’t deny the fear pumping through her. The fact that he could hurt her was real. She knew she shouldn’t trust this stranger for a second, yet, for some inexplicable reason, a part of her did.

Torrance’s knee pushed her thighs further apart. Leather from the end of the belt caressed her inner thigh. Cate dug her fingers into the sofa. The stimulation to her ass from his hand and now from this smooth material was pleasurably overwhelming. Especially when he started running the end of the belt over her slit.

“I’m about to pop your clit with this belt. And you’re going to fucking love it. And you know what? Tomorrow, when I go to the gallery, I’m going to wear this exact one, knowing that your juices are all over it. This moment, right now, is going to play back in my head. I’ll spend all day envisioning that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Cate jerked the moment the end made contact. She hadn’t thought that the few inches would have made that much of a sting. After all, it wasn’t like he had much room underneath there to work with, but the power that came from behind the thin belt nearly had her screaming with pleasure and pain. Still, she was nowhere near ready to say she was Tor’s whore. Hell, no.

“Fuck, yeah. We’re going to thicken that skin of yours up good.” His hand gripped her ass. The belt hit the floor, and he was suddenly breaching her opening with his finger. “Shit, you’re tight, doll.”
 Another joined inside her and Cate moaned as he stretched her wider. “You’re going to feel so good around my cock when the time comes. Not tonight, but soon. Very, very soon.” The thrust picked up speed and Cate was pulled up, against his chest. His arm went around her throat. “You’re about to cum for me.” His fingers left her, and she held onto his arm as he pulled her into the kitchen.

Buttons from the front of her dress hit the floor, spinning around wildly. As Cate watched one roll under the table, she couldn’t believe what was happening. This was a scene out of one of her wildest dreams, yet it was happening for real.

Torrance’s hand cupped her breast. “Perfect,” he whispered against her ear. The moment his arm left her throat and he was gone from her back, the emptiness that washed through her was nearly crippling. The contrast of being consumed, and then suddenly alone was something she didn’t like one bit.

“Take off your clothes and climb on the table. I want your legs spread wide. Be ready by the time I get back.” 


About the Author:
Alaska Angelini lives has just recently moved to the San Francisco Bay area. She's a dreamer, and longs for the day when her husband and kids can load up in the car and drive until their hearts' content. Adventure and discovering new places play a huge role in Alaska's life.
Within the last two years, Alaska and her family have drove across the country twice, and also drove the distance from Texas to California three times. Asked, if she could choose one place to permanently settle down right now, where would it be, she laughed, "Montana, today. Tomorrow, it may be Alaska, again. I go back and forth."

When Alaska's not dreaming of spontaneously hitting the road to find a new place to write about, she's being a mother and wife. If you're looking to connect with her to learn more, feel free to visit her website at for additional information.

Although there are Grand Prizes available, I would like to offer you my own story. Please leave a comment to get a chance to win an e-book of The 30 Day Sub!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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