Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm back...hopefully. Meet the characters

A nasty virus took over my computer not too long ago. For a while, I couldn't get on here, but alas, here I am. Hoping and praying another one doesn't lock me up. The process is something I truthfully never want to go through again. But who am I kidding? It'll happen sooner or later.

Well, I received some very, very good news today. The second book in the Soul Collector series, Corrupt Cravings has been accepted and has a Dec. 2010 publication date, and a print date set for May 2011. I can't wait! This series is so different than what I usually write. Both Poisonous Pleasure (1) and Corrupt Cravings(2) both are in the mid 80k page range so they're also a lot bigger than what I'm used to. My only problem is actually stopping the story. I think I could go on and on and if I want sequels, I need to cut off at some point.

So, since Poisonous Pleasure is set to release around August 18, I thought I would share some of the characters with you all. Now although I wouldn't say this is an exact match to who I have in the novels, it's pretty close. First.....

Marcella- The Soul Collector
Hair-actually long, black, loose curls, and waist length
5ft 6 in

Jason- Marcella's boyfriend (pretty dead on)

Dominic- Demon posing as a human

Ambrose- Master Vampire (ability to poison blood with his bite)
Hair is actually black and a bit longer, but other than that pretty close.

Samael- Dark Angel, Dominic's Demon Master, and a complete mystery to everyone. Claims to be Marcella's best friend from her previous life.
Hair is longer,but other than that, I seriously couldn't have found a better person to play this character. The role he's going to have will blow reader's minds! HAHA But you'll only get a small taste in book 2,Corrupt Cravings. He'll basically star in book three...Deadly Desires..About to start writing it any day now.

Gwendolyn- (One of Ambrose's lovers)

Hope you all enjoyed the pics and meeting my characters.
I'll post more in the near future. Hope you all have a great night. :)

Poisonous Pleasure-coming soon

Monday, June 28, 2010

Reviews and Contest

I received an amazing review for Projected Pleasure today. 5 Dark Diva's + a Recommended Read. WOOHOO!! My throat still hurts from screaming my lungs out earlier. Here's clips from the review. I'll leave the link so you can read the whole thing. It's GREAT!!

There is a huge connection between the characters and the plotline that allows you never lose your place in the story or the interactions between the characters. I for one think this is outstanding. With the edge of your seat feeling you get as you read from cover to cover it keeps the story flowing. You can read book 1 Passions Projected and pick up the thread in book 2 Projected Pleasure as they flow together that well.

As for the villains, I can say you will be shocked and that’s all I am saying. I was totally shocked! I never saw that twist in the story happening. All I can say is that Jennifer Salaiz is amazing at what she does. Gosh, I cannot pick one book over the other because they were both Fantastic!

If you like books that keep your attention with incredible fit scenes and steamy , hot wolfie love, then pick up Projected Pleasure the sequel to Passions Projected . You will be thanking me.

Jennifer Salaiz, “THANK YOU!” for giving us Zach, Marley and Cole! You’ve created such a bond there that will withstand anything. I wish I could rate this book higher, so take your bow!
Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Deb!

Also here's another review I got for the same stories from Whipped Cream Reviews that is just as good.
 I loved how Ms. Salaiz showed the slow progression of what Marley was feeling, building up to one of the best surprise revelations I’ve seen in a while. I loved the new, stronger Marley that emerged.          
  Zachary loves his wife, and is devoted to granting her wishes. If those wishes include Cole in their bed, he is fine with it. Zachary is the strong alpha male, distracted too often by pack business to be there when things go bad. And Cole realizes he loves Marley, and will do what it takes to stay in her life. These three are fantastic together, and I enjoyed the shared passion they had. There were several surprise twists about who was behind it all, and these kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. I love when that happens in a story.

If you like your romance hot and ménage, with a side order of suspense, this is the one for you.

ALSO! Saving Sarah (Blissful Bets 2) will be coming out July 5. I can't wait!! I'm going to be in the spotlight at the Dark Divas on the 4th so be sure to come and see me for your chance to win a free copy of Engaging Evelyn (Blissful Bets 1). On the day of the release, I'm going to be back at Dark Divas with another contest for a chance to win a  copy of Saving Sarah, the same day as its release! The contest is going to be easy so stop on by and answer a question for your chance to win!

  Engaging Evelyn (Blissful Bets 1)                                                                                                              
and Saving Sarah (Blissful Bets 2)                                                                                                          
To Pre-Order your copy of Saving Sarah
or to check out any of my other books you can check out my main page.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prizes, contracts, and a lame excuse

I always seem to start this blog off by...It's been awhile" Yes, I am horrible at staying focused. I keep telling myself to remember, but with as busy as I've been, it's hard to recall what I've done and what I haven't. *Shakes head* I know, I know.  Hence the 'lame excuse' in the title. I think I need a to-do billboard right next to my computer.  Anyway, to better news..

Siren-Bookstrand authors are having a summer hide and seek. If you're looking to win free prizes then this is the place to go. I've even offered the winner a free pdf copy of Engaging Evelyn, the first book in the Blissful Bets series. If you want more details, click the link

Also, I've just recently signed two new contracts with my publisher. The first is for a new series that I ABSOLUTELY adore. If you're a paranormal lover, you're going to LOVE this!! The first book, Poisonous Pleasure entails a soul collector, vampire, succubus, demon, and a dark angel...Yeah, it's going to be great!!Here's the blurb for Poisonous Pleasure the first in The Soul Collector series. I hope it sounds intruiging and enjoyable. I'd love to know what you think.

No one knows what happens to a supernatural's soul whenever immortality doesn't last, but Marcella does. After an accident that takes the lives of her family and herself, she's born into the one thing the paranormal world considers a myth or legend. She's a soul collector, covered in tattoos and hidden chants with enough power to become any mystical creature she chooses.

Mated to a demon, and paired with her human boyfriend, the threesome tries desperately to unravel the visions that plague them. When they add a master vampire into their midst, will the truth of their past life become revealed, or will he ultimately be the one Marcella sees destroying them all?

My other contract is for the third book in the Blissful Bets series, titled, Melissa's Mates. Oh, I did love writing this book. I'll post the blurb soon. All of these girls have won over my heart. I'll be starting Julies's story probably in the next two weeks and this one is definitely going to be more paranormal than contemporary. I don't want to give too much away, but oh, my poor Julie. My heart aches already knowing some of what's going to happen. Well, I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, everyone. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pre-Order today!!!

Projected Pleasure
Sequel to Passion Projected
By: Jennifer Salaiz
Word Count: 45,264
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Werewolves]

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, May 12th
Now that Marley's adjusted to motherhood and becoming a wife, she can't fight the feelings building inside of her. She tries to hide her emotional status from Zachary and Cole, but how long will it last before they find out what she truly is? With trouble lurking in the dark forest surrounding the estate, she fears she might not be able to control her body's reactions from danger, or from her uncontrollable lust.

Cole's loved Marley from the moment he met her. In the months he's been searching for a mate all he can think about is his alpha's. Can they share what they once all had together, or will the order to find a partner ruin every hope he holds onto? As the changes erupt in Marley, he's willing to try anything possible to find out.

Projected Pleasure

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB

Price: $5.50

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


    “Marley, what happened to you?”
     Zachary slid his arms under her head and knees and prepared to lift her, but he didn’t even get her off the ground. Her screams echoed through the trees. His whole body froze in terror at what might be wrong with her.
     “Don’t move me!” she sobbed.
     “Honey, talk to me. Are you hurt? What’s wrong? Why are you out here in the forest?” A million thoughts were going through his mind. He was popping out questions—too many questions. The quickness of his heart rate decreased as he tried to calm himself.
     A shuddering breath left her lips while she clawed at the ground with her nails. “I was running. I saw…ghost, but it’s not Cole.”
     Another scream came from her mouth while she kicked her legs out only to curl them back into a ball.
     “A red wolf...I had to protect Demetri, but the pain.”
     “Pain?” He took a good look at her body. She was completely covered in sweat, but he didn’t smell blood. Knowing she wasn’t physically harmed, the realization dawned on him. “Shit, you’re changing already?”
     Zachary ran his hands down her body. As his fingers traced over her ribs, she screamed, causing him to flinch. A handful of wolves and men stood waiting for his commands.
     “I want every inch of these woods searched. It seems we’re not alone. We’re looking for a red wolf and an apparition that looks like a ghost. The apparition you won’t be able to touch, but bring the wolf to me.” Zachary looked at all of them, making sure they knew he meant business.
     “Marley, this is going to hurt worse than anything you’ve ever felt, but I’m going to have to lift you to carry you inside.”
     A growl actually burst past Marley’s lips. Zachary watched in horror as her green eyes began to glow brightly. Every hope he harbored, that maybe his wife had more time, vanished with her appearance. She wasn’t any more human than he. All that was left for her to do was shift, and that would be here sooner than he wanted to think about.
     “I will not be carried yet.” The sound of her voice was so much stronger than her previous state. “I think it’s going away. Just give me time.”
     Another cry passed from her throat while her nails formed into claws. The snapping sound of the bones in her fingers made Zachary wince.
     “Fuck!” Marley screamed, pushing herself to her feet. She clutched desperately to her ribcage while she began to walk toward the estate. Zachary stared at her, amazed. With her eyes glowing and her hands protruding razor sharp claws, she looked unnerving.
     Like a flash of lightening, she was gone. The quickness with which she took off made him trip over his own feet. Even he couldn’t run that fast. What in the hell was his wife turning into?


     “Let me please you, just one more time.”
      Marley laughed. “Didn’t we say that last time? Seriously, I’m not myself right now, Cole. We shouldn’t do this. You need to experience this with your mate. Not with me.”
     The words tore at Cole’s heart. Dammit! He wanted her as his mate. No one else would do. Why did everything have to be so complicated?
     “One more time, Marley, and I swear I’ll really look for someone.”
     As he studied her face, he noticed her eyes narrowed at him. “All right. One more time and then you look for a mate,” she whispered.
     Cole’s lips lowered to hers, kissing her passionately. The taste that filled his mouth swamped his senses. He originally planned on taking things slow, but something inside of him broke, pulling all of his emotions to the surface.
     Their mouths grew more desperate with a need neither one of them seemed to be able to control. Marley ripped his clothes off easily beneath her fingers. Shocked, he paused, looking down at her. The vibrant green of her eyes was glowing. Something told him he should stop, but he couldn’t. He wanted her more than ever.
     Pulling at the silk of her gown, he felt it fall apart in his hand. His lips connected with her nipple, causing her to cry out. Biting down gently, he pulled it between his teeth. A moan accompanying her hand gripping into his hair only encouraged him and drove him faster.
     His fingers buried deep inside of her pussy, exploring and caressing every inch he could touch. Spasms rocked her body, throwing off waves of her scent. Floored, Cole went crazy. Every thought vanished from his mind except the smell of her essence.
* * * *
     The wild tendencies running through Marley ruled her actions. She could feel herself tightening around Cole’s fingers and heard him growl just as he buried himself between her thighs. His eyes had already been glowing when he lowered himself. The meaning of why the men’s eyes illuminated baffled her. It only seemed to happen when their emotions peaked.
     Cole’s tongue buried deep inside of her while his hands pinned her wrists from moving. Arching her back against the weightless air, Marley let him feast, basking in the bliss. The grip tightened around her wrists as Cole came up panting heavily.
     “Marley, I’m telling you, something is going on with your scent. The power.”
     Cutting him off, Marley grabbed around the back of his neck, pulling him up and crushing her lips to his. If they began speaking, their moment would be ruined. Too much new information had been discovered since she last saw him.
     The length of Cole’s cock entered her swiftly, causing her to scream into his mouth. The thrusts were just as fast. He pounded into her mercilessly, so unlike what she was used to with him. He always made it clear to her on how fragile he viewed her. Now, it was like he wasn’t even the same person, but she couldn’t help but love the way he wasn’t holding back.
     “That’s right, Cole. Show me how much you want me.”
     He groaned, pushing his lips back into hers. The taste of their blood washed over Marley’s tongue, and she knew it wasn’t hers that ignited her adrenaline. She’d already tasted Cole’s blood before, and, now, with the tease she just sampled, she wanted more.
     Grabbing his hair, she pulled his head back, exposing his neck, but it wasn’t the neck she wanted. The need to feel meat beneath her teeth ruled her. Spotting the junction between his neck and shoulder, she watched his muscles flex. Without thought, she buried her teeth into him.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blissful Bets and a great reader review for Passion Projected

I've just finished editing and reading over the third installment in the Blissful Bets series. This story is great! I had a blast writing about Melissa, the fiery redhead. There are parts where I couldn't quit lauging (which isn't good because of this horrible cough) and of course the emotional aspect.

All my girls have had something happen in thier lives that make them act the way they do. Melissa's story was harder for me to relate because although on some levels, I could feel what she must have gone through, there were times where I really had to open myself up and focus on the how exactly she would react and grow in her situation. This story really challenged me, but overall I think it turned out amazing!

I'll be doing the dreaded part of making the blurb, synopsis, and of course the chapter by chapter short brief. That is the hardest part for me. How can you sum up a chapter in three or so sentences? It is impossible for me, and I know Alison must pull out her hair when she sees that on every chapter I have twice as much as I'm supposed to.

Well, let's hope she doesn't get upset because this story is almost impossible to sum up in a few sentences. I'll make do, I always do.

On another note. I wanted to post this reader review of Passion Projected. I always find myself coming back to it, in awe. It's hard to believe that these wonderful words are about my story.

Here's the review....

 The title alone, "Passion Projected," caught my interest enough to be not satisfied until reading the book. I wasn't disappointed from the beginning to the final words of the author.
Dream or reality? Marley's conundrum surfaces quickly for the reader and the fleshing of characters, Zachary, Cole , and Jordan, move at lightening speed. The more I read, the faster I read.
The author vividly captures mind's strength through startling projections of passions that rise above normal sensual interactions. She is able to do this by her masterful usage of syntax.
I was understanding the usage of mental , soulfully if you will, and physical parings that led to the passionate and exotic paranormal romance that evolved in this story. I usually do not read this genre but after reading "Passion Projected," I expect to read more of this author. Thank you Jennifer Salaiz for introducing me to your artful creative writing.

Thank you, Robert. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. :)

My Marley.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dark Diva Review of Engaging Evelyn

Engaging Evelyn by Jennifer Salaiz

Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal, Ménage, M/F/M

Review Copy received from Publisher

Summary: Determined to overcome her broken heart, Evelyn devises the game Bets. She’s sure that if she stays distracted by good looking men, her problems will go away. But what she doesn’t expect is the persistent, gorgeous Brandon conveniently appearing everywhere she turns.

Brandon moves into the resort style condo prepared to make Evelyn fall in love with him. The last thing he expects is the ex fiancé showing up and complicating things. On a mission to make Evelyn pay, Brandon’s not willing to let anything get in his way. Even if that means submitting to the feelings he’s truly beginning to feel for her.

Stacey’s Review: Engaging Evelyn has to be Jennifer Salaiz’s best work to date. It is the first book in the Blissful Bets series. From the concept to the engaging writing style, I was enthralled. Evelyn and her friends play their naughty game, called Bets, where they end up sleeping with strange, handsome men. We learn that Evelyn’s wild behavior is only to mask the hurt she feels within.

Jennifer Salaiz did an amazing job in showing us the depth of emotion that her characters felt. This was a fun, sexy read with hot werewolf and vampire men. The writing flowed beautifully and kept my attention from page one until the very end. Evelyn’s emotional journey touched me and I rooted for her the entire read. I highly recommend this story of good girls gone very, very bad.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Stacey!

Projected Pleasure

I just wanted to share my new cover for Projected Pleasure. It's beautiful, lol. I absolutely love it!! Jinger did an amazing job.

For all of you who have read Passion Projected, I promise, you're not going to be expecting all the action held in the sequel. It truly blew me away writing it and I can't wait to hear feedback from the readers. I'll keep everyone updated when I hear of a release date. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Projected Pleasure (sequel to Passion Projected)

For all of you who have read Passion Projected, or are in the middle of reading, or haven't, lol.....I received the edits for the sequel, Projected Pleasure in my email today. YES! I can't tell you how excited I am to get this story out to readers. If you've read Marley and Zachary's story, you know the ending was sort of a cliffhanger..... But rest assured, the peices of this puzzle are about to come together and explode into something, you, the reader are not going to expect.

Passion Projected was more the foundation of this overall story. Projected Pleasure is just...kick ass, lol. I LOVED writing this book because I let my mind and imagination fall off the cliffs of sanity. Hey, that's pretty good. I think I like that, "cliffs of sanity." Anyway, *shakes head* sorry I tend to do that a lot. ANYWAY, lol, this story is not like what people are imagining, I'm sure. There's tons of action, and the story AS OF RIGHT NOW, is at 43K words. I intend to see if I can add a bit to that. Not sure how that will go, but it'll at least be that long, if not longer. I'm actually already in the middle of ....shhhhhh, the third story.....titled (for now) Conjured Cravings.

Squee, so excited!!! Well, I'll keep you updated when I learn something new, like....a release date or cover art!!!!!!! Jinger's going to do an amazing job. I just know it. Okay, I guess I'm off to edits. Everyone have a great day and if you've read Passion Projected, I'd love to here what you thought, or where you might think this story is going. Anything...I love hearing feedback on how things are liked or how they can be better. Take care, everyone!
THIS IS THE REAL ZACHARY. Well, the one that's on the front cover of Passion Projected, anyway. But the resemblence is eery, trust me.

God, I do love him, lol.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cowboys vs Dukes, Earls, and so forth.....

If you know me, you know my love for historical. I've stated this over and over, and trust me when I say I'm a historical junkie. I don't care if it has to do with cowboys or the most handsome rogue in all of England. Throw them my way and I promise you before the day is over with, I will have read the 600 or so page book. AND that is a proven fact. My husband can testify in a court of law on how once I start a book, I disappear from the world, as we know it. It can be 5am and I'm still not stopping until I've finished the last page.

Now my question for you is this....which do you prefer? Is the Cowboys or the English aristocracy that pulls you in? Does it really even matter? I'm sure you have to prefer one over the other. So, let it loose and confess. If you have any HOT pics....(not sure if you can post them or not) but if you can't email them to me and I will gladly post them.... BTW I DID NAB THESE PICS....SORRY :)

(Not a very good historical pics....but you get the idea

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Congrats to Tracey Dent who won the free copy of Engaging Evelyn. I will be giving away another copy in the next few days. All of you who emailed me will automatically be entered in another chance to win. I thank all of you and wish you the best of luck with the next drawing.

ALSO....I have a copy of Stalk Me and *MAYBE* Passion Projected. I'll have to check on that one. But if you're interested in either of these email me.

Have a great day, everyone!

My idea of Evelyn and Brandon

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contest for a free copy of Engaging Evelyn

I'll be holding a contest for a free copy of my new release Engaging Evelyn. This will be the first book in the Blissful Bets series. If you want to entered, leave a comment below or email me at The winner will be picked randomly. Good Luck, everyone!!

[PolyAmour: Erotic Multiple Partners Sharing Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, Vampires, Werewolves]

Determined to overcome her broken heart, Evelyn devises the game Bets. She’s sure that if she stays distracted by good looking men, her problems will go away. But what she doesn’t expect is the persistent, gorgeous Brandon conveniently appearing everywhere she turns.

Brandon moves into the resort style condo prepared to make Evelyn fall in love with him. The last thing he expects is the ex fiancé showing up and complicating things. On a mission to make Evelyn pay, Brandon’s not willing to let anything get in his way. Even if that means submitting to the feelings he’s truly beginning to feel for her.

Read the excerpt here!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The good 'ol days.

I was going to post on something paranormal tonight, but I always seem to change my mind at the last minute and have done so again. But this post HAD to be made because unless I write out the excitement in my head, it's not going to go away.

So anyway, I'm going through my desk and I come across an old memory stick from a year and a half ago. I bought this when I first started writing. Instantly, I got excited. I popped it in and BAM, the first story I ever wrote is staring me in the face. I pull it up and start reading it noticing a ton of Purple Prose, editing mistakes out the wazoo, but....the same story I fell in love with. The Pleasure of Lies is the only Historical Erotica I have ever written, and I have every intention of fixing this novel and submitting it.

For those of you who know me, know that I'm a HUGE historical lover. Before I started writing, I was devouring a romance novel every day. And I'm not exaggerating either, ask my husband, lol. I can't tell you how many times I was ask when I was coming to bed. Usually, I didn't until the wee hours of the morning....okay more like 5 am. But still, I couldn't stop. I was addicting to the beauty of romance. Maybe it's why I write such character driven stories. The need to feel the MC's emotions and see how they grow towards one another drives me to keep creating.

And even as I end this, I think I could go on and on........maybe next time I will. :)

Engaging Evelyn

My newest release, the first in the Blissful Bet's Series,Engaging Evelyn, is due to release on March 22, 2010. Six more days!! I can't wait. I absolutely love the characters in this series. The overall story is about a group of girls who, after issues in their pasts, have decided for one reason or another relationships are just not for them. Instead, they have all found a game to keep excitement in their lives, Bets.

Bets, you say. Surely, you're not referring that these woman bet on men???............. LOL, yes, I am. These woman find the most gorgeous men they can, and all bets are on. But things don't go as smoothly as they all think, and Evelyn soon  finds out that her feelings aren't as closed off as she had thought.

[Erotic Paranormal PolyAmour Romance] Heartbroken, Evelyn devises the game Bets. It was supposed to help, but she can’t deny the ache she still feels for her ex, Stephen. When Brandon comes into her life, Evelyn knows she has to steer clear if she wants to protect her heart. But with the game in full swing, anything’s up for grabs.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Late Valentine's Day ramblings.....

Well, after neglecting my poor blog for far too long, I've decided I better post. I've been extremely busy. Since recieving the contract on my second book in the Blissful Bets Series, I've started my third. Yesterday I wrote 13k words. I've come to love this series and the characters so much, the words just flowed out. Luckily, by the end of Saving Sarah (my 2nd) I knew what direction I wanted Melissa's story to go in. Oh...and what a wonderful story it's becoming.

In other, I've sent Poisonous Pleasure out to an agent. It's the first book from the Soul Collector Series. Although I want this story to start a series, it can stand on it's own which is always a good thing.

I have to say, these characters and the story line are down right amazing to me. It's like nothing I've ever read before. How the idea came, I'm not even really sure. It started with a sentence and took off into something that blows my mind. I always said I'd never write about demons, because to tell you the truth, I'm absolutely terrified of them. Now, I don't mind reading about them, but for it to come from my own mind just scares me. Well, this story had other plans. Not only did I involve demons, I brought in every other paranormal creature imaginable. I've started the second book and WOW. Just let me say, I really hope this gets picked up because I can't wait to share these stories with the world. I REALLY REALLY think it's going to blow some people's minds.

Also, Stalk Me is doing great for Siren. I'm currently at number 17 on the bestseller's list and have 2 rating so far, both 5's!!!! I'm so glad that I can write books that people enjoy reading. And to think....this is only the beginning.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

♥Happy Release Day♥ for Stalk Me!!

Today is the release day for Stalk Me. I'm so excited, yet extremely nervous. I think every author feels this way, the day of their book's launch into the world. I really hope you all enjoy. Stalk Me is a book filled with emotion as it takes you for a journey, in the life of Nicole. If you decide to purchase this book, I'd love to know what you think. You can always email me at  With that, I leave you with the blurb....

Things have never gone well for Nicole in the boyfriend department. But when a gorgeous one night stand introduces her to the darker side of passion, she can't help but get sucked into the addicting pleasure. Ayden is everything she never knew she needed, and she can't help but feel a connection to him immidiately.

When an accident drives him out of town, Trevor, Ayden's best friend, is left to protect her. Nicole can't help but feel something between them upon sight. Can she resist the pull she feels for him, too, or will all three of them get sucked in an obsessive triangle ending in distaster?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stalk Me: Book cover and blurb

[Erotic PolyAmour Multiple Partners Sharing Paranormal Romance] Nicole experiences incomparable passion with a gorgeous one night stand. What she doesn't expect is the dark secrets or the undeniable pull she feels toward Ayden. When an accident lands her under Trevor's protection, can she resist the pull she feels for him, too, or will all three of them get sucked in an obsessive triangle ending in disaster?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book trailers

Just wanted to share my book trailers with you all. The first is  Passion Projected.

The second is to my new release coming in soon titled Stalk Me