Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm back...hopefully. Meet the characters

A nasty virus took over my computer not too long ago. For a while, I couldn't get on here, but alas, here I am. Hoping and praying another one doesn't lock me up. The process is something I truthfully never want to go through again. But who am I kidding? It'll happen sooner or later.

Well, I received some very, very good news today. The second book in the Soul Collector series, Corrupt Cravings has been accepted and has a Dec. 2010 publication date, and a print date set for May 2011. I can't wait! This series is so different than what I usually write. Both Poisonous Pleasure (1) and Corrupt Cravings(2) both are in the mid 80k page range so they're also a lot bigger than what I'm used to. My only problem is actually stopping the story. I think I could go on and on and if I want sequels, I need to cut off at some point.

So, since Poisonous Pleasure is set to release around August 18, I thought I would share some of the characters with you all. Now although I wouldn't say this is an exact match to who I have in the novels, it's pretty close. First.....

Marcella- The Soul Collector
Hair-actually long, black, loose curls, and waist length
5ft 6 in

Jason- Marcella's boyfriend (pretty dead on)

Dominic- Demon posing as a human

Ambrose- Master Vampire (ability to poison blood with his bite)
Hair is actually black and a bit longer, but other than that pretty close.

Samael- Dark Angel, Dominic's Demon Master, and a complete mystery to everyone. Claims to be Marcella's best friend from her previous life.
Hair is longer,but other than that, I seriously couldn't have found a better person to play this character. The role he's going to have will blow reader's minds! HAHA But you'll only get a small taste in book 2,Corrupt Cravings. He'll basically star in book three...Deadly Desires..About to start writing it any day now.

Gwendolyn- (One of Ambrose's lovers)

Hope you all enjoyed the pics and meeting my characters.
I'll post more in the near future. Hope you all have a great night. :)

Poisonous Pleasure-coming soon


Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Looks interesting! Congrats on your book sale! :D

Jennifer Bradley said...

Thank you! :) I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Eliza March said...

I love the cover and the concept. Can't wait to read it and I wish you the best!
Eliza M

Anonymous said...

Any ideas as to when book two will release?

Jennifer Bradley said...

Thanks, Eliza! Sorry after I posted the last blog, the virus took over again. :(

Book 2, Corrupt Cravings is set to release around Dec 2010, hopefully a little sooner! Just wait, this one is *sighs* GREAT! I had so much fun writing this one and am about to start writing Deadly Desires, book 3 in the Soul Collector series, soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Any idea when book three will be released? I got hooked on one and two and am waiting anxiously for the next installment. I want to know more about Samael is he good or bad?

Jennifer Bradley said...

Book 3, Deadly Desires has a release date of Nov. 6th 2013! Just around the corner. :)