Thursday, July 10, 2014

GAIGE (Captive to the Dark) update

GAIGE (Captive to the Dark) is set to release TOMORROW!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this release. For those who have been waiting for the big day, the wait is almost over. ARCs are set to release this evening. Yay!

The response and requests were amazing. I wanted to thank all of you for your interest to get your hands on a copy before the big day. I'm really hoping you like it! Although GAIGE is a dark erotic romance, you must understand that this story is a bit different than SLADE and BLAKE. Each story has their own take on pain and love, but this one runs deep, due to the emotional toll the characters have gone through from their pasts.

If you've read the blurb, you know Elle was in love with a boy named Carson, who was killed while trying to save her. GAIGE happens to be Carson's older brother. His feelings for Elle have been a long time coming. But they're not like you think. Although he wants her in his own twisted way, he can't help but fantasize about making her pay for what he feels she has caused. This takes them on a rollercoaster of pain and healing.

The two have been through so much ad I loved every second of writing their story. I hope you love it, too. And I look forward to your thoughts and reviews.

ONE MORE DAY for most. TONIGHT for the ARC winners.

My PA will be sending them out to the ones chosen. I hope you all enjoy. <3 p="">
Elle wasn’t mine. Not the first time I met her, and certainly not when I spotted her in the arms of another man. And not just any man—-a criminal. She wasn’t just any woman either, but a girl gone missing more than ten years earlier, when she was the love of my brother’s life. The eyewitness reports said he’d died trying to save her. That might have been true, but it didn't stop me from blaming the shy, sweet girl who had lived down our street. I’d grown to hate her. My once happy family had been torn apart, and the secrets surrounding her disappearance never let the matter rest. Now fate had brought her back into my life again.

As a Secret Agent, my undercover status led me right to the heart of the most corrupt men on earth. I never thought it would also lead me into the darkest recesses of my mind. That’s where Elle resided. Where she deserved to be, especially with the pampered life she now lived. She might have been dripping in diamonds and dressed to kill, married to a billionaire, but she was about to disappear again. With me. I wanted her to feel our pain. I wanted her to suffer. Worse, I wanted her.

WARNING: This book contains very graphic violence, disturbing situations, dubious consent, and very strong language
If you haven't read any of the Captive to the Dark books, now would be a great time to jump over and pick up your copy! Just click the names/links below.


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