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Crack the Whip (DDR3)

Crack the Whip (Dark Days Ranch 3) is not on Pre-Order!!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, werewolves, paddling, flogging, cropping, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Georgina’s seen both the good and the bad that comes from having mates. The love the bonding creates lasts a lifetime. But that’s just it. After she watches her mother die of a broken heart, the anxiety Georgina develops over bonding to Damien and Austin is well warranted. Can she get over her fear, or will she keep the pact with her brother that they’re better off alone?

Damien and Austin know they have to bring Georgina around to being their mate. After all, Damien sees the perfect submissive that Georgina is, and he wants her to embrace the life she’s been ordered to live by their alpha. But as things heat up between the three of them, a plea for Damien to take over the Big C leaves him with a tough decision. Does he try to become the alpha he’s always known himself to be, and risk making Georgina’s fear of losing one of her mates a possible reality? Or does he walk away from it all and face the consequences?

Story Excerpt
Damien’s finger settled under Georgina’s chin and pushed her mouth shut. She hadn’t even realized it was open. “See. We’re home, alive, and well.”
“You.” She shook her head at him. “You could have killed us.”
Damien laughed loud. “That would not have killed us, Georgina.” The driver’s side door opened and he got out. She turned and looked at Austin. The smile on his face said he was one hundred percent with Damien.
“Men.” Georgina headed for the house.
“Oh come on, sweetheart. Don’t be upset. It was fun. You need to learn to live a little.” Austin shut the door and she spun around to looked at him.
“Fun? I’m about to show you fun.” She looked at Damien. “Pop the trunk.”
As Georgina walked around to the back of the car she felt her wolf surge through her. The back opened and she took out her whip. “Down. Now.”
Austin turned to Damien and she gripped the wooden handle tightly, letting the end hit the ground. As she circled it over her head the whistling brought his face snapping in her direction. But it was too late. The leather wrapped around his ankle and she jerked hard. Austin hit the ground and stared up at her in shock. “I told you to get down, cowboy. Are you having a hard time hearing?”
Damien pressed his lips together as if he was trying to repress a smile. He stepped back and crossed his arms over his chest, watching.
“Take off the shirt and get on your knees. I want your head touching the ground. If you so much as move, you’re going to be in so much trouble. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Geo—”
“No. I’m not Georgina to you right now.” Her body was shaking at the adrenaline pumping through her. Yes. This was right. Although she could easily submit to Damien, she wanted this from Austin. “I’m your mistress, and you will address me as such. Now say it.”
“Yes, mistress.” Austin pulled his white T-shirt over his head and assumed the position. She began circling around him slowly. Angle and distance were everything. If she was off, she could hurt him or miss completely. It was a dangerous game she was playing, and she knew it. If she wasn’t one hundred percent sure she could do it, Georgina would have walked away. But this was her life. She could wield a whip in the dark and hit her target spot on.
Damien’s movement caught her attention and she met his eyes. There was such a sense of pride on his face that Georgina’s heart exploded in rhythm. She turned back to Austin and focused on him. There was a good few feet between them. As she made it to his backside she spun the whip and popped her wrist. Dirt flew up a few inches from his face just like she’d intended. “Do you trust me, Austin?”
“Yes, mistress.”
Georgina walked forward and sent the end trailing along his back gently. As if making an invisible infinity symbol in the air, she let the whip connected tenderly against his flesh. Austin initially jumped at the first contact but seemed to relax almost instantly. “That’s right. See, isn’t this fun?” Georgina moved to his other side and repeated the action. “I think you can take it a little harder, my pet. You’ve heard the colors. Enlighten me.”
The whip cracked and Georgina connected with the dirt, brought the end around, and then let it make contact with the far side of his back. A moan came from Austin’s mouth, and she couldn’t deny how wet it made her feel. “Green, mistress.”
“Good, boy.”
The leather met his skin a good inch higher. Austin’s fingers dug into the earth. Sounds began coming from his mouth that were bordered on pleasure and pain. A pause in his speech told her the last one was hard for him to decide on.
“Green, mistress.”
The whelped areas called to her. All Georgina wanted to do was run her tongue over the swelling. And she knew Austin was enjoying this. Over the last few days she’d seen Damien do things to him a lot more intense.
The power of the whip circled around overhead and Georgina brought the length against his ass. Austin’s head shot up and his gaze looked heavy and smoldering as he stared straight ahead. “We’re done, my pet. You may stand.”
“Thank you, mistress.” Austin grabbed his shirt from the ground and rubbed his ass. “I think that’s the best spanking by far.”
“Come here.” Georgina spun him around and ran her fingers over the swollen skin. Softly, she began placing kisses against him until she felt like she covered every inch. “Now, let’s go take a shower.”
Damien stepped in her path. The moment he placed his hands on his hips Georgina lowered her head. Her eyes flashed up, but she didn’t hold the contact.
“Yes, Damien?”
“Look at me.” One of his eyebrows was raised as she lifted her head. “Although I enjoyed your gift to Austin, I have to admit, I really wanted you to completely stay submissive.” His hand reached out and she took it. At his pull she stepped closer.
Georgina glanced over at Austin and took in Damien’s face. “Are you upset with me, Damien? I’m sorry if I let you down.”
Soft lips pressed into her forehead. “You make an excellent submissive, Georgina. But you can’t hold in what makes you feel complete. I saw you. You were in your element. You’re a switch, plain and simple. Austin here isn’t though. Are you, pet?”
“No.” He smiled. “I’m the submissive. And I like it that way.”
“Good.” Damien held his hand to Austin. The cowboy came over and sandwiched Georgie between them “And you,” Damien said to Austin. “You’re making lunch. Georgie cooked dinner so it’s your turn. She and I are taking a shower. When we’re finished, we will all eat. Then you can jump in the shower. Afterward, I want you on the bed naked. You will wait for us to come to you. Understood?”
“Yes, Damien.”
They walked inside and Austin headed straight for the kitchen. Georgina couldn’t take her eyes off of the marks. She could tell her mate seemed to walk taller. Almost as if he was showing them off proudly. Nothing had felt more right than when her whip was connecting with his back. This was her calling. Who she was.
Adult Excerpt

“You are mine, and you will look at me when I tell you to.” Fingers gripped in her wet hair and he pulled back, hard. Her eyes lifted, met his, and lowered to his chest. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” He crouched before her. “I suddenly realized how hard it was going to be to leave you.” The fingers that were so harsh only seconds before loosened. He trailed his touch down until he connected to her lips. “I can’t bear the thought of us separating.” The pad of his thumb pushed past her mouth.
Georgina met his eyes, but kept quiet. She focused on where he’d breached. The tip of her tongue brushed against him and Damien closed his eyes and stood. His hard cock drew her higher on her knees. Her mouth was practically watering at the sight.
“Suck it, doll. I can see how much you want to.”
Georgina lifted her hand and gripped around the thick base. Pre-cum glided over her tongue as she slid it in a circle over his tip. The tight grip in her hair returned as he collected the blonde curls in his fist. “God, you were made for sucking cock and fucking.” His length pushed into her mouth and she added a light suction to pull him in even more. Damien groaned and withdrew, just to ease back into her until he reached her throat.
“Shit,” he groaned. The way he moved his hips as he thrust into her drew Georgina’s eyes. The muscles flexed in his stomach with each movement. She took in everything while she watched him fuck her mouth. Damien’s hand came to her cheek, and she felt his grip tighten. “Too good. Sit over there on the seat.”
The dark marble was cold against her ass. Damien pushed her legs apart and pulled her hips down to meet his face. The first contact against her smooth folds caused Georgina to arch her back. Hair was sticking to her face and the wall and she didn’t care. She spread her legs wider, moaning at the brief contact Damien made against her clit.
“Show me how much you like it. Just this once, don’t hold your hands back.”
Georgina’s fingers gripped into his hair and she pulled him deeper into her pussy. Pressure pushed into her opening and she moved her hips against his face. “Oh.” Georgina moaned the word at the difference in pressure. Damien pushed two fingers deep inside of her and sucked along the length of her slit. His tongue flicked over her clit fast, almost nonexistent.
She could feel herself beginning to tighten around his fingers as he pounded them against a foreign spot deep inside of her. The sensation was so unlike anything she felt before. It was almost too much.
“You’re going to squirt so fucking good that you’re going to be begging me to do this to you all the time.”
Damien’s arm came around her hip, holding her into place. As his teeth sunk into her inner thigh Georgina screamed against the release she felt explode from her. Her body was jerking against the spasms, and they weren’t stopping. Over and over she felt herself being drained.
“That’s my girl.” Damien’s fingers eased from her pussy, and Georgina could barely move. Hands wiped the hair from her face, but still she couldn’t come down from the high she felt. Her eyes felt like they weighed a ton and it wasn’t until Damien cupped her face that she was able to open them. “Now I’m going to fuck you.”
He lifted her limp body to straddle his waist and Georgina had to force her legs to lock around him. At the pressure of his cock, she sighed in bliss and felt herself mold to his thick length.
The cold wall was suddenly at her back. She let her weight settle against it while she held onto his neck. “Eyes open. Look at me.” And she did. No matter how heavy her body felt, or how dreamy her mind was, Georgina focused on the pleasure she was experiencing now.
“So obedient.”
He thrust deep, and she cried out against the tightening that was already starting to take her again.
“You will not come yet, Georgie. Say it.”
“I will not come…Damien.” Fuck. She dug her nails into his back as he surged into her fast and hard. The groove of marble that held shampoo bottles dug into her shoulder, and she welcomed the pain. Searing heat engulfed her insides at the upcoming release.
The sound of his hips hitting against her inner thighs was all Georgina could hear. And it was beautiful. The fingers gripping her ass suddenly disappeared, and the slap that followed nearly had her coming on the spot.
“Not yet.” He dropped to his knees and cradled Georgina out in front of him, still continuing to pull her toward him. His cock reached new depths inside of her and she moaned against the agonizing wait. The feel of her wet hair getting pulled in the direction of the draining water was all too erotic in that moment.
Damien’s name screamed from her mouth. “Please.”
The hand that gripped her shoulder tightened and the other one he had on her hip lowered until he grasped the mound of her ass. “Now, doll. Come for me.”
Damien’s cock was so thick inside of her pussy that it was all she could feel as her orgasm tightened her around him. The moment his cum shot deep into her core, Georgina pushed down against him to take his essence in deeper. A sound like something between a moan and a growl poured from her mate. The satisfaction she felt at his reaction couldn’t have made her happier. He’d always somehow managed to brand her his when they were intimate, but hearing him now, she couldn’t help but think that she’d finally marked some place deep within him, too.


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