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Series Showcase: Dark Days Ranch

Series Showcase: Dark Days Ranch by Jenny May. (Me!)

 1. The setting seems very important to the feel and tone of the series. What about the West Texas setting intrigues you?

My husband and I have driven through there on the way to California num...erous times. I always get swept away with the large hills and open space. It’s the perfect spot for bringing wolf-shifting cowboys to life.

2. Many of the books in the series center on conflicts over the title of alpha. It’s a very exciting plot element! It sometimes feels like the heroes are plotting little military coups. What made you decide to structure your books around this sort of struggle?

There’s always an alpha, but to make him great, he must be not only strong and brave, but caring and compassionate. A true leader, like all of my sexy men. And even hotter is a stealthy cowboy who is willing to risk all to protect the pack he’s a part of, even if it is stepping up to a challenge he might not be sure of.

3. Where did the initial spark of an idea for the Dark Days Ranch series come from?

The first thing that came to me was the name, Dark Days. My desire to write cowboys brought on the ranch. Once I put Dark Days Ranch together, the men didn’t hesitate to make themselves known.

4. Okay. Damien, Rogue, Knox. Who wins in a fight? Which one of them is the biggest, baddest alpha of the bunch?

Oh no, lol. This is probably one of the hardest questions I’ve ever had to answer concerning a book. They’re so evenly matched, for that I’m just not sure. All I know is it would be one heck of a fight!

5. The Dark Days crew is now spread out over much of West Texas. What’s next for the series?

I have a few stories that are dying to make themselves known. For instance, Chief is in desperate need of a mate, and so are Zain and Zavier, who make their appearance in CRACK THE WHIP. I’m really excited about those two.

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