Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Book Birthday for, A Dream Mating!

A Dream Mating (MFM)
Astral Awakenings 1

By: Jenny May | Other books by Jenny May | Notify me of Jenny May's new releases
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Word Count: 74,572
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking, paddling, cropping, sex toys, HEA]

Barbara Blair fears she’s losing her mind. After years of enjoying her dream lovers, she thinks they’re just that. Dreams. When a dark shadow appears to be watching them, it scares her, but not anywhere near as much as seeing it in her home while she’s awake. The revelation only leads to one decision. Should she say good-bye to her dream lovers and face the lonely nights, or choose to deal with the consequences?

Traven Daniels and Jackson have spent years trying to find their mate. Just when they know they’re getting close, the danger to their pack increases. Murder, lies, and scandal all come into play, and it isn’t long before they discover someone is out to get Barbara. But will they be able to find their mate in time, or will their enemy get to Barbara first?
A Siren Erotic Romance
She wanted to stand and rush from the room. But this had gone on long enough. Something was happening inside of her mind, and she needed to know what it was.
“It always begins with darkness. My body feels itself wake up, but I can’t see. Suddenly, it’s as though I open my eyes, but my vision is different for a few seconds.”
He leaned forward. “But you say you’re awake before you can see.”
“Yes, I feel I am. My mind is aware that I’m awake, if that makes sense.”
“Please, go on.” Dr. Natrol’s hand began moving as he continued to write, but Barbara was too focused on the scene that filled her vision. The dreams seemed so real. Like the events had really happened. And while she stared at herself, head back, moaning with desire, it was as though she could reach out and touch her and her men. It might have been somewhat dark where she was, but she could still see the two figures who caressed every inch of her body so lovingly. Their faces. Their eyes. In her mind, she knew them on some other level that was incomprehensible for her to understand. And she wanted to know how.
“Well, I open my eyes, and I can feel myself floating. It’s like, I know I can fly, but I don’t want to. Instinctively, and I’m not sure how, I feel myself pulled to a place I’ve seen hundreds of times. And yet, I’ve never been there at all.”
“You say pulled. How so?”
Barbara blinked hard, breaking her focus from the men. “Like sucked across the span of miles at the speed of light.”
His mouth parted and he quickly closed it. When he lowered his head and began writing again, she swallowed hard. God, would he think she was crazy? Maybe she was being too trusting telling this doctor that she was seeing things. Even if it was in her dreams. Maybe he’d think there was something more wrong and lock her away.
Barbara quickly shook her head, trying more to convince herself. That was ridiculous. He wouldn’t do that. Would he? Surely not.
“Why don’t you describe this place to me? What does it look like? Are you alone?”
Again, the memories took over. She closed her eyes, giving herself to them freely. “The room is dark, but there are candles always lit. I believe the walls are a light color. But I’m not sure what shade it is.” Barbara tried paying attention to what she could remember and not focus on the men as one of them sucked her nipple into his mouth. These were just recollections. Nothing more. Her body sure was responding, though, as if it was still happening.
“There’s a dresser, with a large mirror. And”—she cleared her throat at the wetness that was increasing from her pussy by the second—“There’s a large computer desk, off to the side. I see two doors. One leads to a long hallway. The other goes out to a terrace.”
“So you’re in a bedroom?”
Barbara nodded, not trusting her voice just yet. One of the men kissed their way down her stomach, while the other continued to give her breast attention. Their hands were all over the place. It was hard to stay in this moment, knowing the doctor was waiting for her to continue. She didn’t want to. She wanted to bask in the pleasure all three of them were sharing.
“Have you been onto the terrace, Barbara?”
She forced her eyes open. “No.”
His gaze narrowed at her. “Then how do you know there’s one there?”
How did she? “I’m not sure. I just…do.”
“You said earlier that these dreams are sexual in nature. Are they always with the same person?”
Now this was where it was going to be hard for her to continue. Saying she was with two men was beyond embarrassing for her to admit. Hell, she hadn’t been with one man in the last five years, more less, two. At the same time, no less.
“Yes, the same people are always in my dream. They never change.”
“They. There’s more than one?”
She looked down, mortified. “Yes. There’s two men. Always the same two.”
There wasn’t so much as a pause in his questioning. “You’ve been dreaming of the two same men now for nine years. Have they always looked the same?”
The question threw her off. Barbara brought her eyes up to him and blinked as she recalled when the dreams first began. “No, they were younger, then.” Her hand subconsciously trailed down her face. “One’s a bit…scruffy. His beard is just a little more than a five o’clock shadow. It’s been that way for a few years. It used to be smooth at the beginning. The other one’s face is sometimes like that too, but mainly clean shaven for the most part.”
“How old would you say these men were if you had to guess?”
She shrugged, still studying their faces in her mind. “Mid-thirties. Maybe a little younger, but not by much.”
“Can you describe them to me?”
Barbara didn’t even break her assessment of their appearance. “One has dark hair. The others’ I want to say is lighter. Maybe dirty blond. It’s too dark to see the exact color. Their bodies…” A delicious shiver raced down to her core. “They’re very built. Wide shoulders. Big arms. The blond is a bit leaner, but looks very powerful. Tanned skinned for both of them.” She paused, as she made her way to their faces. “Their eyes glow, but there’s barely an illumination. Yet the colors are unmistakable. The man with the dark hair has the prettiest shade of blue. It’s very bright. And an emerald color for the blond. They almost look different than human eyes.” She stopped herself from going further as she connected stares with one of her men.
The connection she held with the dark haired one was so gripping it nearly took her breath away. She couldn’t get over the fact that it felt like he was looking right at her. In this very moment.
“Excellent. Now that we both know what your dream men look like, why don’t you try walking me through one of the dreams. You’re in the room you always go to. And you’re there with them. What happens, then?”
Silk settled under her bottom. Barbara shifted as the tenderness in her ass sent screaming messages to her brain. Shit, she wasn’t going to be able to sit down for a good day or two, but that was perfectly fine. She’d taken more pain than she thought she’d be able to. And that made her proud. Her body almost felt lighter. It was an amazing release. Of course, it wasn’t over yet.
The sound of fabric had her turning her head in the direction it was coming from. Her senses were so heightened from the blindfold. A gentle push had Barbara lowering to the silk. The barrier over her eyes were suddenly removed and Traven pushed his weight into her, pinning her hands over her head.
“Are you ready to be taken over by our beasts, doll? They’re dying to come out and mark you.”
She glanced over at Jackson as he climbed onto the bed. The muscles flexed in his stomach and she unconsciously moved her hips, praying her pussy would get touched again. She turned back to Traven and met his stare head on.
“Tell the wolves I’m home, and I’m ready to play. Tell them that if they hold back, I’ll never forgive them.”
A deep growl left Traven’s throat. His lips crushed into hers, painfully, and he was suddenly spinning her around to lie on top of him. The thickness of his cock ground against her lower stomach. The wet slickness from his pre-cum had him pumping against her skin easier. He wanted her with the same intensity that she wanted him, and that turned Barbara on even more.
“We’re going to fuck you so good.” Jackson ran his hand down the length of her slit and brought the juices coating his fingers up to his mouth. He moaned at her taste and did it again. Barbara rotated her hips, praying he’d slide inside of her opening, but he didn’t.
Jackson poured lube into his hand and covered both entrances with it. Traven didn’t hesitate to lift her hips and slide his thick cock inside. “That pussy belongs to me right now. Say it.”
“It’s all yours, Traven.” She stared into his eyes, deeply. “Introduce me to the alpha that rests inside of you.”
The blue color turned dark and watching the transformation up close nearly took her breath away. She felt the change he underwent down into her very soul. The submissive in her wanted to back away. She could literally feel something inside of her retreat against her insides, as if there was a physical thing there wanting to escape. Yet, she had no fear of this man. Or the creature that rested inside of him.
“There you are,” she whispered. “Now show me what you want. I’m yours to use as you please. I give you that gift.”
Traven’s hands settled on both sides of her face and his cock began pounding into her so hard it nearly made breathing impossible. He held her positively still, yet his movement was unbelievably fast. Jackson eased his finger into her ass and Barbara instantly went into an orgasm.
“That’s right, kitten, come all over Traven’s cock.” Jackson eased another finger in, stretching her wide. Barbara dug her nails into Traven’s chest against the waves that crashed over her body. He slowed with his thrusts and pulled her mouth to his. Her body was shaking as he began grinding into her.
Barbara broke free of his mouth, afraid she was going to pass out if she didn’t catch her breath. Blue swirled with the darkness in his eyes and she watched a concern look pass his face.
“I’m okay,” she whispered. “In all honesty it feels amazing. Maybe almost too much. I can handle your wolf. He won’t hurt me, I can feel it.”
And she could. As weird as it was, and as much as a part of her wanted to cower in its presence, she knew the beast Traven held inside cared for her. There was a protectiveness that it projected when it came to surface. And she liked that. A lot.
“Okay, let’s see if you can take both of us.”
Jackson removed his fingers from her ass and added more lube. Once he stroked it down his thick length he positioned himself behind her. Barbara lowered to Traven’s chest and tried to relax as much as possible. She wanted this. Wanted to bond with her mates while they were both filling her. It just wouldn’t be right any other way.
“Absolutely still, and easy,” Traven said, a bit threateningly. His wolf was still somewhat present and she knew that was why.
“I’d never hurt her, boss. You know that.” Jackson traced the tip of his cock over her back entrance and eased a little inside. Barbara breathed against the slight sting. He was bigger than anything they’d used to work her in. “How you doing, kitten?”
She took another breath. “More.”
“Good girl.”
The friction from Traven’s cock had her wanting to move to feel him more. After another inch, Jackson paused again. He withdrew a little and surged to new depths. But she knew he was only halfway in.
“Traven, may I please ask something of you?”
“Anything, doll.” His hand rubbed against her cheek.
“Will you fuck me slow? I think it’ll make Jackson’s job a lot easier. I need something more, and only then will I relax completely.
He didn’t answer, but instead began gently thrusting into her. The new sensations had her body coming back alive. The pain began to take on a whole new feeling and the more Jackson advanced, the more Barbara wanted him deeper.
“Fuck. Your ass is so damn tight.”
“Just don’t stop.” Barbara moaned. Flashes of when she had both of her men like this in projection filtered through her mind. Jackson surged forward again and she felt him bury himself in her. A loud groan left his mouth and his face came down to rest along her neck. The pain surged for only a few seconds, but with Traven still thrusting, it quickly ended.
“We got it, kitten. From now on, you’re going to have both of us, just like the way it used to be.” He thrust into her again and she could sense something off. As she turned her head to look at him, she noticed the green of his eyes were gone.
A smile came to her face and she kissed the arm he was holding himself up with. “Hello, wolf. Time to make me yours.”

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