Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Right around the corner!

SLADE is set to release on March 14th. That's right around the corner. I have a lot in store for readers with this Captive to the Dark series. In case you might not know, each book will be a standalone. A new, dark, delicious adventure. BUT, for all of you who love reading the stories of the secondary characters, don't fear. Every 3-4 books, the Captive to the Dark series will release a SPECIAL EDITION. These will be for our most loved secondary characters. If at any point while reading these books you think, OMG, I want to read about *so and so*, EMAIL ME! alaska_angelini@yahoo.com
I will seriously give the book consideration and try my best to get everyone's secondary favorites their own story.
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Mai said...

You're giving me permission to ask for more books by you?!! Bwahaha! Oh Mistress 😋

Jennifer Bradley said...

Absolutely! :) You just name the characters, and I'll try like hell to make it happen...which basically means...at some point it's going to happen. LOL