Sunday, February 14, 2010

Late Valentine's Day ramblings.....

Well, after neglecting my poor blog for far too long, I've decided I better post. I've been extremely busy. Since recieving the contract on my second book in the Blissful Bets Series, I've started my third. Yesterday I wrote 13k words. I've come to love this series and the characters so much, the words just flowed out. Luckily, by the end of Saving Sarah (my 2nd) I knew what direction I wanted Melissa's story to go in. Oh...and what a wonderful story it's becoming.

In other, I've sent Poisonous Pleasure out to an agent. It's the first book from the Soul Collector Series. Although I want this story to start a series, it can stand on it's own which is always a good thing.

I have to say, these characters and the story line are down right amazing to me. It's like nothing I've ever read before. How the idea came, I'm not even really sure. It started with a sentence and took off into something that blows my mind. I always said I'd never write about demons, because to tell you the truth, I'm absolutely terrified of them. Now, I don't mind reading about them, but for it to come from my own mind just scares me. Well, this story had other plans. Not only did I involve demons, I brought in every other paranormal creature imaginable. I've started the second book and WOW. Just let me say, I really hope this gets picked up because I can't wait to share these stories with the world. I REALLY REALLY think it's going to blow some people's minds.

Also, Stalk Me is doing great for Siren. I'm currently at number 17 on the bestseller's list and have 2 rating so far, both 5's!!!! I'm so glad that I can write books that people enjoy reading. And to think....this is only the beginning.

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