Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Engaging Evelyn

My newest release, the first in the Blissful Bet's Series,Engaging Evelyn, is due to release on March 22, 2010. Six more days!! I can't wait. I absolutely love the characters in this series. The overall story is about a group of girls who, after issues in their pasts, have decided for one reason or another relationships are just not for them. Instead, they have all found a game to keep excitement in their lives, Bets.

Bets, you say. Surely, you're not referring that these woman bet on men???............. LOL, yes, I am. These woman find the most gorgeous men they can, and all bets are on. But things don't go as smoothly as they all think, and Evelyn soon  finds out that her feelings aren't as closed off as she had thought.

[Erotic Paranormal PolyAmour Romance] Heartbroken, Evelyn devises the game Bets. It was supposed to help, but she can’t deny the ache she still feels for her ex, Stephen. When Brandon comes into her life, Evelyn knows she has to steer clear if she wants to protect her heart. But with the game in full swing, anything’s up for grabs.

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