Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Projected Pleasure (sequel to Passion Projected)

For all of you who have read Passion Projected, or are in the middle of reading, or haven't, lol.....I received the edits for the sequel, Projected Pleasure in my email today. YES! I can't tell you how excited I am to get this story out to readers. If you've read Marley and Zachary's story, you know the ending was sort of a cliffhanger..... But rest assured, the peices of this puzzle are about to come together and explode into something, you, the reader are not going to expect.

Passion Projected was more the foundation of this overall story. Projected Pleasure is just...kick ass, lol. I LOVED writing this book because I let my mind and imagination fall off the cliffs of sanity. Hey, that's pretty good. I think I like that, "cliffs of sanity." Anyway, *shakes head* sorry I tend to do that a lot. ANYWAY, lol, this story is not like what people are imagining, I'm sure. There's tons of action, and the story AS OF RIGHT NOW, is at 43K words. I intend to see if I can add a bit to that. Not sure how that will go, but it'll at least be that long, if not longer. I'm actually already in the middle of ....shhhhhh, the third story.....titled (for now) Conjured Cravings.

Squee, so excited!!! Well, I'll keep you updated when I learn something new, like....a release date or cover art!!!!!!! Jinger's going to do an amazing job. I just know it. Okay, I guess I'm off to edits. Everyone have a great day and if you've read Passion Projected, I'd love to here what you thought, or where you might think this story is going. Anything...I love hearing feedback on how things are liked or how they can be better. Take care, everyone!
THIS IS THE REAL ZACHARY. Well, the one that's on the front cover of Passion Projected, anyway. But the resemblence is eery, trust me.

God, I do love him, lol.


Robert A Meacham said...

I read and reviewed Passion Projected and look forward to the sequel.

Jennifer Bradley said...

Thank you so much!! I left you a comment on Amazon. I'm so glad you liked it. Really, your review had me in tears, I was so happy.