Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Projected Pleasure (sequel to Passion Projected)

For all of you who have read Passion Projected, or are in the middle of reading, or haven't, lol.....I received the edits for the sequel, Projected Pleasure in my email today. YES! I can't tell you how excited I am to get this story out to readers. If you've read Marley and Zachary's story, you know the ending was sort of a cliffhanger..... But rest assured, the peices of this puzzle are about to come together and explode into something, you, the reader are not going to expect.

Passion Projected was more the foundation of this overall story. Projected Pleasure is just...kick ass, lol. I LOVED writing this book because I let my mind and imagination fall off the cliffs of sanity. Hey, that's pretty good. I think I like that, "cliffs of sanity." Anyway, *shakes head* sorry I tend to do that a lot. ANYWAY, lol, this story is not like what people are imagining, I'm sure. There's tons of action, and the story AS OF RIGHT NOW, is at 43K words. I intend to see if I can add a bit to that. Not sure how that will go, but it'll at least be that long, if not longer. I'm actually already in the middle of ....shhhhhh, the third story.....titled (for now) Conjured Cravings.

Squee, so excited!!! Well, I'll keep you updated when I learn something new, like....a release date or cover art!!!!!!! Jinger's going to do an amazing job. I just know it. Okay, I guess I'm off to edits. Everyone have a great day and if you've read Passion Projected, I'd love to here what you thought, or where you might think this story is going. Anything...I love hearing feedback on how things are liked or how they can be better. Take care, everyone!
THIS IS THE REAL ZACHARY. Well, the one that's on the front cover of Passion Projected, anyway. But the resemblence is eery, trust me.

God, I do love him, lol.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cowboys vs Dukes, Earls, and so forth.....

If you know me, you know my love for historical. I've stated this over and over, and trust me when I say I'm a historical junkie. I don't care if it has to do with cowboys or the most handsome rogue in all of England. Throw them my way and I promise you before the day is over with, I will have read the 600 or so page book. AND that is a proven fact. My husband can testify in a court of law on how once I start a book, I disappear from the world, as we know it. It can be 5am and I'm still not stopping until I've finished the last page.

Now my question for you is this....which do you prefer? Is the Cowboys or the English aristocracy that pulls you in? Does it really even matter? I'm sure you have to prefer one over the other. So, let it loose and confess. If you have any HOT pics....(not sure if you can post them or not) but if you can't email them to me and I will gladly post them.... BTW I DID NAB THESE PICS....SORRY :)

(Not a very good historical pics....but you get the idea

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Congrats to Tracey Dent who won the free copy of Engaging Evelyn. I will be giving away another copy in the next few days. All of you who emailed me will automatically be entered in another chance to win. I thank all of you and wish you the best of luck with the next drawing.

ALSO....I have a copy of Stalk Me and *MAYBE* Passion Projected. I'll have to check on that one. But if you're interested in either of these email me.

Have a great day, everyone!

My idea of Evelyn and Brandon

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contest for a free copy of Engaging Evelyn

I'll be holding a contest for a free copy of my new release Engaging Evelyn. This will be the first book in the Blissful Bets series. If you want to entered, leave a comment below or email me at jennifer_salaiz@yahoo.com The winner will be picked randomly. Good Luck, everyone!!

[PolyAmour: Erotic Multiple Partners Sharing Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, Vampires, Werewolves]

Determined to overcome her broken heart, Evelyn devises the game Bets. She’s sure that if she stays distracted by good looking men, her problems will go away. But what she doesn’t expect is the persistent, gorgeous Brandon conveniently appearing everywhere she turns.

Brandon moves into the resort style condo prepared to make Evelyn fall in love with him. The last thing he expects is the ex fiancé showing up and complicating things. On a mission to make Evelyn pay, Brandon’s not willing to let anything get in his way. Even if that means submitting to the feelings he’s truly beginning to feel for her.

Read the excerpt here! http://www.bookstrand.com/engaging-evelyn

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The good 'ol days.

I was going to post on something paranormal tonight, but I always seem to change my mind at the last minute and have done so again. But this post HAD to be made because unless I write out the excitement in my head, it's not going to go away.

So anyway, I'm going through my desk and I come across an old memory stick from a year and a half ago. I bought this when I first started writing. Instantly, I got excited. I popped it in and BAM, the first story I ever wrote is staring me in the face. I pull it up and start reading it noticing a ton of Purple Prose, editing mistakes out the wazoo, but....the same story I fell in love with. The Pleasure of Lies is the only Historical Erotica I have ever written, and I have every intention of fixing this novel and submitting it.

For those of you who know me, know that I'm a HUGE historical lover. Before I started writing, I was devouring a romance novel every day. And I'm not exaggerating either, ask my husband, lol. I can't tell you how many times I was ask when I was coming to bed. Usually, I didn't until the wee hours of the morning....okay more like 5 am. But still, I couldn't stop. I was addicting to the beauty of romance. Maybe it's why I write such character driven stories. The need to feel the MC's emotions and see how they grow towards one another drives me to keep creating.

And even as I end this, I think I could go on and on........maybe next time I will. :)

Engaging Evelyn

My newest release, the first in the Blissful Bet's Series,Engaging Evelyn, is due to release on March 22, 2010. Six more days!! I can't wait. I absolutely love the characters in this series. The overall story is about a group of girls who, after issues in their pasts, have decided for one reason or another relationships are just not for them. Instead, they have all found a game to keep excitement in their lives, Bets.

Bets, you say. Surely, you're not referring that these woman bet on men???............. LOL, yes, I am. These woman find the most gorgeous men they can, and all bets are on. But things don't go as smoothly as they all think, and Evelyn soon  finds out that her feelings aren't as closed off as she had thought.

[Erotic Paranormal PolyAmour Romance] Heartbroken, Evelyn devises the game Bets. It was supposed to help, but she can’t deny the ache she still feels for her ex, Stephen. When Brandon comes into her life, Evelyn knows she has to steer clear if she wants to protect her heart. But with the game in full swing, anything’s up for grabs.