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Evernight's Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Evernight's Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Celebrate like a ROCK STAR because Evernight Publishing is THREE!

In three short years, Evernight has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to readers like you! Evernight is pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY BASH BLOG HOP in your honor!

That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents…

Prizes include:

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Kindle Paperwhite

Kobo Touch

$100 Evernight and Amazon Gift Certificates

Mega Evernight Swag Pack

Plus, each author on the hop will offer his/her own special prize!

I'm thrilled to be part of this blog hop. Evernight is an amazing publisher! I've been blessed to have been accepted into the Evernight family with such open arms. From the staff, to my fellow authors, everyone I've met has been extremely accepting and helpful. I encourage you, if you're thinking about reaching out to one of your favorite authors about one of their stories, DO IT! We love to hear from you. :)
Speaking of stories, I'd love to be able to share mine with you. It was just released, yesterday!
When I originally came up with the idea of The 30 Day Sub, I was nearly asleep (that's usually the time the best ideas come) and the story hit me hard. It was enough to cause me to constantly repeat the idea over in my head so I wouldn't forget.
By that morning, well....I did forget, lol. But it wasn't until I was making lunch that it all came back, and boy did it. I rushed straight to my computer and didn't stop writing until about 3AM in the morning. It was nearly non-stop, soul pouring words that flowed onto the pages, beautifully. Of course, the first draft is never a pretty picture, but by the time I finished it, and read over the story 4 times...I couldn't stop smiling. Torrance and Cate stole my heart and branded their love into my heart probably forever. This was the first contemporary that I've written in years, and now that I got a taste, I think there's plenty of more to come. I hope you enjoy the blurbs and excerpts below.
Cate craves a master more than anything. The moment she meets Torrance McLaren, her trainer, she knows that his firm hand and gentle heart are exactly what she needs to get over her weight and trust issues from her dark past. But Torrance is so much more than what she expected, and she quickly catches herself falling for him. Things turn hot, fast, and the temptation to give in to each other is overwhelming for both.
Even though Torrance knows he’ll only have Cate for a month, he claims her as his own. As long as she’s under his roof, she belongs to him. But her real master and his ridiculous rules about her diet quickly begin to get under his skin. Cate has gorgeous curves and a big heart. She’s the perfect submissive. But ultimately, not his. Will Torrance be able train her and send her to her real master, or will he risk everything for a thirty-day sub?

Adult Excerpt:

The slap sent pain coursing through her already sore ass. With Torrance locked into her hair, Cate couldn’t move at all. Not that she wanted to. Maybe deep down she’d wished this would happen.
“You hesitated before you did it. That only means one thing. You debated, and you knew there was a chance you shouldn’t. Yet, you did.” He spanked her again. Cate moaned loudly. Her hips moved on their own, unconsciously begging for him to touch her pussy. A cry came from her mouth as he did.

Pressure moved down her folds, rubbing the wetness around in circles. “Tonight, you’re mine. You may have a master expecting you in thirty days, but until he comes, you belong to me. Say it, Cate. Tell me who owns you.”

“You do, Master.”  
The sound of his belt unfastening was like music to her ears, yet she couldn’t deny the fear pumping through her. The fact that he could hurt her was real. She knew she shouldn’t trust this stranger for a second, yet, for some inexplicable reason, a part of her did.

Torrance’s knee pushed her thighs further apart. Leather from the end of the belt caressed her inner thigh. Cate dug her fingers into the sofa. The stimulation to her ass from his hand and now from this smooth material was pleasurably overwhelming. Especially when he started running the end of the belt over her slit.

“I’m about to pop your clit with this belt. And you’re going to fucking love it. And you know what? Tomorrow, when I go to the gallery, I’m going to wear this exact one, knowing that your juices are all over it. This moment, right now, is going to play back in my head. I’ll spend all day envisioning that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Cate jerked the moment the end made contact. She hadn’t thought that the few inches would have made that much of a sting. After all, it wasn’t like he had much room underneath there to work with, but the power that came from behind the thin belt nearly had her screaming with pleasure and pain. Still, she was nowhere near ready to say she was Tor’s whore. Hell, no.

“Fuck, yeah. We’re going to thicken that skin of yours up good.” His hand gripped her ass. The belt hit the floor, and he was suddenly breaching her opening with his finger. “Shit, you’re tight, doll.”
 Another joined inside her and Cate moaned as he stretched her wider. “You’re going to feel so good around my cock when the time comes. Not tonight, but soon. Very, very soon.” The thrust picked up speed and Cate was pulled up, against his chest. His arm went around her throat. “You’re about to cum for me.” His fingers left her, and she held onto his arm as he pulled her into the kitchen.

Buttons from the front of her dress hit the floor, spinning around wildly. As Cate watched one roll under the table, she couldn’t believe what was happening. This was a scene out of one of her wildest dreams, yet it was happening for real.

Torrance’s hand cupped her breast. “Perfect,” he whispered against her ear. The moment his arm left her throat and he was gone from her back, the emptiness that washed through her was nearly crippling. The contrast of being consumed, and then suddenly alone was something she didn’t like one bit.

“Take off your clothes and climb on the table. I want your legs spread wide. Be ready by the time I get back.” 


About the Author:
Alaska Angelini lives has just recently moved to the San Francisco Bay area. She's a dreamer, and longs for the day when her husband and kids can load up in the car and drive until their hearts' content. Adventure and discovering new places play a huge role in Alaska's life.
Within the last two years, Alaska and her family have drove across the country twice, and also drove the distance from Texas to California three times. Asked, if she could choose one place to permanently settle down right now, where would it be, she laughed, "Montana, today. Tomorrow, it may be Alaska, again. I go back and forth."

When Alaska's not dreaming of spontaneously hitting the road to find a new place to write about, she's being a mother and wife. If you're looking to connect with her to learn more, feel free to visit her website at for additional information.

Although there are Grand Prizes available, I would like to offer you my own story. Please leave a comment to get a chance to win an e-book of The 30 Day Sub!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Wow, that was a hot excerpt
Thanks for being part of this fun blog hop.
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Thank you, Jean! :)

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I am looking forward to reading this book.

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Happy Birthday Evernight!

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Great excerpt!

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Sounds like an awesome story, that's why I picked it up when it released ;) I can't wait to start reading it, just need to find some time!


Jennifer Bradley said...

Thank you, everyone! :) I look forward to sending a copy to the winner.

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Nice excerpt

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That sounds like an extremely hot book! Congrats on the release. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Birthday Evernight.

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Happy 3rd Evernight!!

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Happy Birthday Evernight!!
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WOW! What a hot intro. When I 1st turned on this blog it was like OMG, I think I'm in love!!! Happy 3rd Birthday to Evernight too! Nobody can throw a party like Evernight can!

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Happy Birthday Evernight!!!!!

The cover looks really good and the excerpt sounded great. I've added it to my tbr list. Thank you so much for your contribution to the giveaway.

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Great excerpt. Can't wait yo read what Torrance does.