Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Projected Pleasure

I've submitted Projected Pleasure, the sequel for Passion Projected into Siren. Not sure if they'll accept it since it is quite different than the first story line, but I wrote from what came from inside, so we'll see. It is quite more action packed. It does star Marley, Zachary, and of course Cole. ***SIGHS** Oh Cole, hmmm just wait. If you read this one and wanted to know more about him in the first one, you'll get your fill, plus more.

Also, I've started a new book, as of last night. This one is something different than what I usually write too. I don't know where these stories come from, seriously. lol This is my first "True" vampire book. I say that because I do have some vampires thrown in throughout some of my books, but I have never had one staring as the main character.

Eternal Images comes from the idea of one of the short stories I wrote when I first started experimenting with writing paranormal. So far everythings coming along suprisingly well. I'm sure this will turn into an erotica since for some reason everything I write eventually does, lol but we'll see. Maybe it will become the first paranormal romance I write. Time will tell.

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