Friday, November 13, 2009

New Excerpt for Passion Projected.

Contains Adult Material.............

The presence of someone near consumed Marley’s thoughts. Excitement started to thrum through her body, causing her heart to beat rapidly against her chest. She opened her eyes and smiled. He was there, so real as he stared down at her. Trying to focus all of her energy, Marley concentrated on her determination as best as she could. Most importantly, she needed to find out if this dream guy actually lived in real life or if he only existed because she needed him to.

    A dark shadow floated inches over her. Those blue-green glowing eyes stared intently toward her face. Could he see her, or was he as nearly sightless in the dark as she? If it wasn’t for his eyes she would have never noticed how the dark room haloing around him was a shade lighter than the pitch black of his outline. Shadowed strands of hair coming to just above the glow caught her attention. Had he cut it? For some reason, it always felt longer when she ran her fingers through it. Marley’s eyes squinted, trying to see something more than the outline of his face, but the darkness made it impossible.

    “You’d think I would have figured out by now to leave a light on,” she whispered under her breath. A deep, husky laugh made her jump. Had he heard her? More importantly, she had heard him. Finally! Slowly, she raised her palm to cover his cheek. Rough stubble greeted her fingers first. She gasped, rubbing her hand in fascination at how real he felt. Deep down, Marley could hear herself commanding her hand on what to do. Something about having to actually tell herself to stroke his cheek confused her. This wasn’t right. How could this be possible? She knew she remained in her bed, but why did her body act so strangely?

    “Who are you?” Marley’s voice echoed through the thick silence.

    “Zachary,” he said huskily.

    The deepness of his voice sent tightness clutching Marley’s stomach. It had to be the determination that made it possible for her to communicate with him. She decided to ask the one question that she had to know, the one question that caused her to become sick with worry.

    “Are you real?” she whispered against his mouth. With the tips of her fingers she caressed his throat. He shivered above her. His large chest descended against her breasts. She moaned as her nipples tightened against him. With a gentle push forward, he separated her thighs, causing her silk nightgown to gather at her hips.

    The tip of his cock pressed against her nude, wet pussy.

    “Do I feel real to you?” Zachary asked, brushing his lips against hers.

    “Yes,” Marley said without hesitation.

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