Friday, November 27, 2009

Whipped Cream Review

Passion Projected by Jennifer Salaiz
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (122 pgs)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Marley truly believes she's losing her mind. The dream lover who's brought her pleasure continually for the last three months finally appears in the flesh with his two gorgeous friends, and he reveals some unexpected news.

Zachary is determined to claim Marley as his mate and takes her on a lusty road trip to his compound in Virginia. But when her dreams turn sinister and manifest themselves into reality, Marley has to muster all of her strength just to survive. Will Marley submit to the pleasure Zachary and his friends are willing to give her?

Marley has never, in her thirty two years of life, been considered frivolous or flighty. Now she thinks she’s losing her mind. For the past three months, a handsome and sexy stranger has haunted her dreams. Now here he is, in the flesh, in front of her at the grocery store.

Zachary has been in Marley’s mind and dreams, and he’s come to claim her as his mate. Can Marley accept a future with Zachary, once she learns what he is? Can they get to his estate in Virginia before the traitor in their midst acts? And who is the traitor who wants to take Marley for his own: is it Jordan or Cole, one of the two companions Zachary traveled with?

Jennifer Salaiz has found a new and different twist to the wolf finding his mate story.

I loved Marley, insecurities and all. I loved how Zachary was able to track Marley down in Texas, in spite of forgetting to actually ask her in their nightly visits where she was. I liked that these characters aren’t the conventional twenty-something’s, but are a little more mature. Marley is a business woman and is determined to stand up for herself. At first, Zachary comes off as a bit too domineering, but then as he spends time with Marley, he relaxes and becomes more likable. I enjoyed the action in this one, and the character development was wonderful.

If you like your shifters hot and sexy and your action fast and deadly, this is a great one for you.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool Pics

Pics I like and thought I would share. Have a great Monday!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've decided to do this post today on ghosts. Yes, some of you believe, while others do not. I, myself, believe. Having lived in a house plagued by weird events and shadow looking figures, I couldn't help but face what was happening.

My children were the first to admit to me of seeing the shadowy figures. At first, I couldn't help but be a bit skeptical. I wanted to believe them, but with them witnessing this event on TV, you can imagine my pause in believing it right off the bat. It wasn't until a month or so after they mentioned this that I witnessed a dark figure blur down the hall as I was approaching it. I felt no fear, at first. After, of course. the intitial shock of accessing whether or not I truly just saw what I thought I saw made the fear come.

When something like this happens it shakes your world. Your mind goes through many stages of "what ifs" and "what can it be". For two years my family and even some friends witnessed this phenomenon. Maybe that's why I write paranormal. I'm really not sure. Around a year ago ( towards the end of us living in the house) was when I began to write. I started off writing historical romance since I pretty much would devour a novel a day, but when my husband told me of a dream he had, everything changed.

When you're husband dreams a man is floating above you while you sleep, well, you can't help but link it to "ghosts". I, for one, didn't want to so I did research and found something I could channel the fear I had inside me to. It's the one thing that made me start my own search for things that most people never really know or learn about. It's also what brought around the story of Passion Projected.

Maybe it was my own type of therapy, dealing with the events happening at the time. I'll never really know, I guess. All I do know is that shortly after the dream, we bought a house and moved out. Nothing has happened since. But after experiencing something like that, I can't help but ask myself what other things are out there that we're not aware of. And why do these spirits or entities exists? Hundreds, maybe thousands of paranormal groups are out there trying to figure out the answers. Maybe someday we'll know for sure. If you've ever had an experience, I'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Projected Pleasure

I've submitted Projected Pleasure, the sequel for Passion Projected into Siren. Not sure if they'll accept it since it is quite different than the first story line, but I wrote from what came from inside, so we'll see. It is quite more action packed. It does star Marley, Zachary, and of course Cole. ***SIGHS** Oh Cole, hmmm just wait. If you read this one and wanted to know more about him in the first one, you'll get your fill, plus more.

Also, I've started a new book, as of last night. This one is something different than what I usually write too. I don't know where these stories come from, seriously. lol This is my first "True" vampire book. I say that because I do have some vampires thrown in throughout some of my books, but I have never had one staring as the main character.

Eternal Images comes from the idea of one of the short stories I wrote when I first started experimenting with writing paranormal. So far everythings coming along suprisingly well. I'm sure this will turn into an erotica since for some reason everything I write eventually does, lol but we'll see. Maybe it will become the first paranormal romance I write. Time will tell.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Excerpt for Passion Projected.

Contains Adult Material.............

The presence of someone near consumed Marley’s thoughts. Excitement started to thrum through her body, causing her heart to beat rapidly against her chest. She opened her eyes and smiled. He was there, so real as he stared down at her. Trying to focus all of her energy, Marley concentrated on her determination as best as she could. Most importantly, she needed to find out if this dream guy actually lived in real life or if he only existed because she needed him to.

    A dark shadow floated inches over her. Those blue-green glowing eyes stared intently toward her face. Could he see her, or was he as nearly sightless in the dark as she? If it wasn’t for his eyes she would have never noticed how the dark room haloing around him was a shade lighter than the pitch black of his outline. Shadowed strands of hair coming to just above the glow caught her attention. Had he cut it? For some reason, it always felt longer when she ran her fingers through it. Marley’s eyes squinted, trying to see something more than the outline of his face, but the darkness made it impossible.

    “You’d think I would have figured out by now to leave a light on,” she whispered under her breath. A deep, husky laugh made her jump. Had he heard her? More importantly, she had heard him. Finally! Slowly, she raised her palm to cover his cheek. Rough stubble greeted her fingers first. She gasped, rubbing her hand in fascination at how real he felt. Deep down, Marley could hear herself commanding her hand on what to do. Something about having to actually tell herself to stroke his cheek confused her. This wasn’t right. How could this be possible? She knew she remained in her bed, but why did her body act so strangely?

    “Who are you?” Marley’s voice echoed through the thick silence.

    “Zachary,” he said huskily.

    The deepness of his voice sent tightness clutching Marley’s stomach. It had to be the determination that made it possible for her to communicate with him. She decided to ask the one question that she had to know, the one question that caused her to become sick with worry.

    “Are you real?” she whispered against his mouth. With the tips of her fingers she caressed his throat. He shivered above her. His large chest descended against her breasts. She moaned as her nipples tightened against him. With a gentle push forward, he separated her thighs, causing her silk nightgown to gather at her hips.

    The tip of his cock pressed against her nude, wet pussy.

    “Do I feel real to you?” Zachary asked, brushing his lips against hers.

    “Yes,” Marley said without hesitation.

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Vampires...Is there any truth to the myth?


I made it to day 2 of blogging consistantly. WOOHOO!! Brownie point for me. Today I'd like to post something I ran across while surfing the web. Now, don't get me wrong. The things I post, I am not stating I believe...only that I find them interesting enough to catch my attention.

A Vampire in England

In 2007 in Hockerill, England, a 43-year-old man was putting out his trash late at night, and was suddenly attacked from behind by someone who tried to wrap his teeth around his neck and bite. The man wrestled with the attacker as the attacker snarled like an animal. The attacker ran away after a few minutes, and the man immediately called the police. The incident marked only one of several that affected this small community for several months on the normally quiet street known as Sandle Road. When this attack took place, the residents told reporters that one woman and several other men had also recently been attacked by the fiend who residents nicknamed "Dracula".

These sort of temporary surges in attacks in small communities, and the confusion they cause, is somewhat common. Most often, both local skeptics and the media downplay those attacks as the work of a deranged, mentally ill person "pretending" to be a vampire. Unfortunately, the people who live within those communities, and especially those who get attacked, are never so sure. These incidents often fuel public curiosity and interest in whether or not vampires really could exist today.

Archaeological Remains of a Vampire

In 2006, archaeologists in Italy had a unique vampire sighting of their own; they discovered the very real remains of a female vampire with a brick forced into her jaw. Italian forensic archaeologist Matteo Borrini reported the find to National Geographic and other news outlets when the discovery took place. Researchers were investigating a 1576 mass grave of medieval plague victims of the Venetian plague at the time of the discovery.

Communities throughout Europe in the Middle Ages who were suffering from the plague would often bury and then unbury bodies in order to bury more plague victims. Occasionally, those unburying bodies would discover a dark blood-like substance under the nose and mouths of the dead, and jagged tears in the cloth near their mouths. The history of vampires includes the fact that belief in vampires was prevalent during this time, so the people who found this believed that these vampires were waking up and eating their burial shrouds - and by doing so they were magically spreading the disease further. To prevent this, they would shove either bricks or rocks into the mouths of these corpses in the hope that doing so would stop the spread of the plague. This body, and the skull in particular, was the first case where an alleged vampire's actual body was unearthed in connection to the plague research. It provides supporting evidence for modern historical records that tell about the "vampires" of the Middle Ages.

Sooooo...what do you think? Real or not? Regardless, I think it is very interesting.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where to begin?

I have no idea where to begin when it comes to blogging. I could go on and on about my daily activities, but would anyone really want to know about that sort of stuff? I'm so boring,lol. Well, just for a quick insight I'll go into detail about why you're not missing much.

1. I sit in front of the computer all day either writing ,editing, or on one of the many sites I'm a member of, goodreads, myspace, facebook, twitter, hmmmm isn't there one more...oh yes, the ivillage board.

2. My house is never where it needs to be in appearance, which confuses the hell out of my husband since he wants to know what I do all day when I'm here alone. Don't get me wrong, on OCCASION I remember to go throw a load of clothes in the wash or get rid of the cans of Dr.Pepper lying around my small little desk.

If you're not completely bored with reading already,  then I don't know? 

Now let me tell you about where I'm at concerning work. Passion Projected release Oct. 30th. WOOHOO. Right now it's at the #2 spot on Siren's Bestseller List. Truthfully, I can't believe it.It feels more like a dream than anything.

Other than that, I've finished writing Projected Pleasure, the sequel to Passion Projected and I have to admit this one is so much more action packed. I love it! The sex scenes are plentiful and HOT, but its balanced very nicely with the developements so it doesn't seem too much while you're reading it.

Also, I signed a contract around the same time as Passion Projected with Siren for a book titled Stalk Me. I'm currently waiting to get the revisions back on that one and start this process all over again. (Have I mentioned how extremely excited I am about this book. OMG just wait. It was one of my favs to write)

On a further note, lol. I'm awaiting news from Siren on whether or not their going to accept the Blissful Bets Series. The first book to come out of that is titled Engaging Evelyn. Also, a great book. Of course this is all my opinion, lol. Some might not enjoy the same type scenarios or stories I like and hey, what can I say? Everyone has there own taste. 

Well, now that I've updated and probably bored you out of your mind, I'll end this blog session for now. But hey, don't be surprised if I'm on here in two hours writing another one. I had fun and when I find something I like, my addictive, obsessive personalty takes over. Just don't say I didn't warn you.