Sunday, September 8, 2013

Character Inspiration.

The day has been nonstop with finishing up my edits for Tightening the Ropes. And yay, I finally returned them. So, as my mind is fresh with Knox, Lewis, and Lynna's story, I can't help but be in a dreamy state of mind. My heart belongs to these characters, and not just the ones in Tightening the Ropes, but all of them in the Dark Days Ranch series. All four books are absolutely amazing! With that said, I'm going through old blog posts and I come across some cowboy pics.

To this date, I have yet to find anyone who looks  similar to my character, Knox. The guy is huge, his head is shaved, and he's very muscular. On his right arm is tribal. Well, I came across this picture and was actually, wowed! Now THIS looks so much like Knox that it isn't funny. Hellllooo. How'd I forget about  this picture? Maybe I never truly did. Could this have been my inspiration for my character all along? I guess I'll never truly know, but I did want to share my Knox. :)

Inspiration for Knox from Tightening the Ropes (Dark Days Ranch 2)
Coming Oct 9th!!
And, of course, I can't leave out inspiration for my character, Logan, from Break Me In (Dark Days Ranch 1).Releases Sept 18th!! There's an actual scene in the book where Logan scales the coral JUST LIKE THIS! (And he doesn't do it happily. Let's just say things are heating up between him and Jack (Alpha to Dark Days) and NOT in a good way.
To pre-order the first book in the series, Break Me In (Dark Days Ranch 1) feel free to hit the link below!

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