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Reading Hotness. Bring on the cowboys!

Five more days until Break Me In (Dark Days Ranch 1) will be released. Although it may be days away before you can dive into the goodness, I'm here to supply you with a teaser, and the excerpts! Hope you enjoy! Click on the pics to enlarge.

The cowboy shrugged. “Nothing really. I mean, I’m a nobody. I train horses, break the ones that are wild. I have a connection with them. Other than that, I lead a pretty normal life.”
“What, no girlfriend we should know about? Ex-wife?” Ty scratched his head. He wasn’t putting it clear enough. “Complications are what I mean. When a couple bonds it’s breakable only by death. If you do have a special someone, in a matter of days, possibly weeks, you’ll feel nothing for them, and only feel love for Myles and myself. We need to make sure we tie up all loose ends now.”
Logan rolled his eyes. “No girlfriends or ex-wives, I assure you.”
“Really?” Ty couldn’t believe it. “You’re a pretty attractive guy, that’s hard to imagine.”
“He likes men, Ty.” Myles sighed. “He didn’t even want to have anything to do with me. Now because of this bond he’ll feel as though he loves me, but this mating is against his will. He has no control over it, and it’s going to change his life forever.”
“That’s not true.” Logan looked over at Ty, but headed for Myles. There was something in the cowboy’s eyes that made Ty’s stomach do a weird flip-flop, and it wasn’t a bad thing.
“It’s true I liked men, but that doesn’t change the fact that from the moment I saw you, my body reacted. I was scared. Can you imagine how that must have felt for me? The whole time we were talking at the bar, I almost felt stupid for going on about your brother. All I wanted to do was bend you over that bar and...” He felt himself getting hard just thinking about what Logan was saying. Now that would have been a sight to see. As the cowboy continued, he watched how much passion he had on his face. “Ty said these bonds take, days, maybe weeks to go into effect. That was instant, Myles.”
Her face was beet red, but she continued. “I’ve been watching you for two weeks, Logan. I knew from the beginning that we were meant to be mated. That’s probably why you reacted the way you did. Now you’re going to be stuck with me and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
“No. I refuse to believe that. Explain the dreams. I knew from day one that you looked familiar. That’s because I saw you before. I know it sounds stupid, but I’m telling you the truth. I feel as though I know you.”
Ty felt an overpowering need to comfort Logan. “You’re not the only one with the dreams. I’ve had them, too.” The bed shifted as he moved from the corner more towards the center. “Myles, how about you?”
“Every night.” Her lips parted. “You never came in clear, Ty. I think that’s because of how far away you were. But Logan was closer, so maybe that’s why our connection was stronger.”
Ty locked eyes with Logan and instantly felt their bond explode. It was as though every experience the dark-haired cowboy had ever had flooded his emotions. Fear, pain, loneliness, heartbreak, happiness. This man was a complete stranger. He knew nothing of this man, not his favorite color or last name, but what they now shared was something so much deeper that it was undefinable.
Love wasn’t something Ty had felt much of in his life, but at that moment he’d never loved anyone more. The fact that they hadn’t even marked each other yet, and their bond was already developing this quickly was unbelievable. Out of nowhere, the confusion Logan felt engulfed Ty’s body. The need to soothe him had Ty reaching over and lightly squeezing Logan’s hand.
“Logan, did you feel that?”
His full lips parted and Logan nodded. “Wow. Yeah, I guess you can say I did. What was that? The bond y’all keep mentioning?”
Ty cleared his throat. “Yes and no, the bond is getting stronger, but will lock when we’re all…intimate with each other.” He held Logan’s hand out and ran his fingers down the cowboy’s callused palms. “I’ve never been with a man before, but whatever you need, I’m sure with both me and Myles, we can take care of it.”
“Yes.” Myles scooted closer between them on the bed and placed her small hand on top of theirs. “Logan, the mating experience in all packs is cherished. We know we can’t choose our mates, but when the bonding happens we trust in the process. I’ve never heard of a couple who’s been mated that has had a failed union. We can make this work. I promise.”
Logan looked between the two of them. “Let’s test it then.” Ty watched him take a deep breath. Slowly, Logan turned in his direction and leaned in. Alarms instantly went off in his brain about what was going to happen.
“Wait.” Ty put up his fingers against Logan’s lips. They were incredibly close. If he moved an inch forward they would touch.
“You see, I knew this wouldn’t work.” Logan went to stand, but Ty pulled him down into his body.
“You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say we shouldn’t make anything a test because we’re in this no matter what. This isn’t a damn game. But the last thing I was going to do was stop you.” Ty wrapped his hand against the back of Logan’s neck and drew his face down to his. What started out with soft contact of their lips quickly escalated. Ty felt his body awakening to an unknown wanting, a craving in his core that he couldn’t begin to explain.
Logan’s tongue slipped into his mouth and Ty met it eagerly.
“Holy shit.” Myles’s body vibrated from her toes to her teeth. She’d never experienced anything like it before. Her words even sounded slurred.
Ty looked up smiling. “You like that?”
“Uh, yeah.” Myles laughed and dropped her head back to the bed. “That was…too good for words.”
Ty’s finger inched its way inside of her pussy. As he added another one, she could feel herself stretch around their thickness.
“Let me know if I hurt you, or you want me to stop.” Ty lowered his head back down. Myles was so distracted by the sensations from Logan sucking her nipple into his mouth that she couldn’t even respond.
The rhythm Ty penetrated her with was slow at first, but the more he licked on her clit, accompanied with Logan working his magic on her breasts, Myles was quickly thrusting her hips to increase the speed.
“I need…” An indescribable want for something else was driving her crazy. “More. Do something more.”
The buildup was overwhelming, and yet the need to explode like she had earlier just wasn’t coming.
Ty lifted his head and looked at Logan. As she watched them, it was as though they were speaking without using words. Everything they were saying was held in their eye contact. It only took a minute for Myles to recognize the steamy look Ty was giving him.
Logan slowly undressed, never breaking his stare. Fascinated, she watched them move in close. Ty’s fingers slid inside her again. Regardless that her eyes were extremely heavy, she couldn’t take them off of her mates as they begin to kiss.
“You taste amazing,” Logan whispered as he deepened the kiss. “I can taste her on you.”
Whether it was because they were in the heat of the moment or Myles had a temporary flash of courage, she leaned forward and grabbed Logan’s hand, leading it to Ty’s cock. It was so natural watching them. Her mates never skipped a beat in their passion.
“Fuck.” Ty moaned and took a deep breath. “I think Myles was right. We need more.”
* * * *
Logan got the lube from the top drawer and pulled Ty down onto the bed next to Myles. As he took in both of their nude bodies, he wasn’t sure which one he wanted to give attention to. He shook his head and said to hell with it. Logan lubed up one of his hands. He reached over and began to stroke Ty’s cock. With the lube on his fingers from his other hand, he began rubbing the outside of Myles’s pussy.
Moans came from both his mates, and it wasn’t long before they started kissing. The fact that Ty and Myles both belonged to him wasn’t even comprehensible. How was this possible? How did he know that he wasn’t going to fall in love with both of them and something was going to happen where he would lose them?
Logan tried not to think of that as he watched their need grow. Wetness coated his fingers and he slid two inside of Myles’s pussy. She was so hot and tight. Logan felt his cock ache at how hard he was. A groan came from his mouth as Ty reached down and wrapped his hand around Logan’s cock.
“Fuck. Seriously, I’m not sure how much more I can take.” Myles pushed down against his fingers. “Please. I can’t wait anymore.”
Logan and Ty connected eyes. “I want you to be with Myles the first time, Logan.” Ty moved closer. “And while you are, I want to take you.”
Uncertainty set in as he looked between the two. “What happens if I hurt her?”
“Impossible,” Myles said, pulling him closer. “The fact that you’re so worried shows me you’re going to try everything you can to make sure you don’t.”
Logan hovered over Myles and moaned as Ty surprised him by covering his cock with lube. As Ty coated his length, Logan lowered himself and began kissing Myles. Her taste instantly took over his senses. Air was almost impossible to take in.
Warmth enveloped Logan’s cock as Ty’s hand guided him into Myles’s entrance. She instantly opened her thighs wider, allowing him easier access to slowly slide inside. The grip around his width was almost painful. Logan paused, letting her adjust to his size.
“Are you okay?” he whispered against her lips.
“God, yes.” Myles wiggled against him. “I want more.”
Even more wetness coated him at her arousal, and Logan could feel the friction between them loosen. He moved inside of her pussy a little more and groaned as he was forced to hold back.
“You feel so good.” Logan felt Ty’s hand move from around the base of his cock down to cradle his sac. When his mate’s touch moved to the entrance of his ass, Logan thought he was going to come on the spot. He surged inside Myles a little more and she felt him breach her maidenhood. She jumped slightly, and he froze.
“I’m okay.” Her hands grabbed his hips, and she slowly pulled him forward. Logan bit his lip as he felt his cock bury deep inside of her. Ty used the opportunity of him letting her adjust to lube up his finger. As Logan started to move inside Myles, Ty let him control how much of his finger entered his ass.
Heat engulfed Logan. His body was on fire. Seeing the passion on Myles’s face as he thrust into her was almost more than he could handle. But having Ty’s finger in his ass at the same time put him over the top.
“You think you could handle another?” Ty asked from right beside his neck. The pressure from inside his ass disappeared as Ty circled his entrance with both fingers. “Or are you ready for me?” Lips pressed against Logan’s neck and he felt a growl leave his lips.
“I’m more than ready.”

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