Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Doms, One Night

Two Doms, both heartbroken over the same woman. One woman, ready to prove to them why she deserves a second chance.

When Jillian leaves for college it doesn’t come without a price. She ends up hurting the two men who meant the most to her, her boyfriend, Devon, and her best friend, Jax. Although she’s heartbroken, the years quickly fly by as she buries herself in her career. But the long hours and lonely nights take their toll. Jillian’s left craving Devon’s dominating ways. And her new transfer to San Francisco gives her the perfect opportunity to act on her fantasies. But not with who she expects.

The moment Devon sees Jillian sitting at the bar, he knows he has to have her again. She might have broken his heart thirteen years ago, but he never got over her. And neither has his best friend and business partner, Jax. It doesn’t take much to get her to be their sub, but what happens over the following weeks comes as a surprise. The connection they have is more powerful than they could have imagined. Can Devon and Jax convince her she belongs with them for good, or will Jillian do what she does best? Run.

“You.” Fingers laced in Jillian’s hair from behind and pulled back, angling her face to look up. A gasp exploded from her mouth as the dark hair and light blue eyes registered. Damn if he wasn’t glaring down at her. All she could do was stare in shock. Devon’s face got closer to hers, and the pure power radiating from him was like nothing she’d ever felt before. A piece of her on the inside immediately wanted to cower. It was as if the ground had somehow become magnetic and was pulling her down. Anything to prove that she felt his aura and respected it. But that was only now. Once upon a time, she’d hurt this man. Broken his heart. But it’s not like it didn’t damage hers, too.

“I see someone’s decided to come home.” The fingers loosened in her hair, and Devon spun her around as he took a seat on the next stool. The arm connecting them pulled her forward. Pins loosened in her hair and sections fell down past her shoulders. “Didn’t think I’d ever see you again, Jilly. And at my club, of all places. Looks like I hit the jackpot tonight.”

Wetness instantly took over at his words. Devon had been her high school sweetheart. She’d lost her virginity to him, and then shortly left. Even back then, he’d been a dominate lover. Hadn’t she’d always come back to their times together when she’d wanted to fantasize? To think he’d only gotten better with age was too much.

“Talk, Jillian. You haven’t said one word.”

Fear took over, but she pushed it away. She needed to keep her feelings locked away, where they’d been now for years. “If I would have known this was your club—

“You would have ran like before?”

Anger made her mouth part. “No, I was going to say, I would have called first.”

“Ah.” The fingers in her hair, lowered, and he trailed them along the side of throat. As fast as he’d claimed her, his touch was suddenly gone. Devon slid back on the seat and turned toward the bartender. “Scotch, Brady.”

The dark suit he wore was so different from what she’d seen him in close to fourteen years ago. He wasn’t a kid anymore. The broadness of his shoulders and slim waist made her heart pound. He looked damn good. Sharp. And downright sinful.

Jillian looked up at the bartender and noticed he was smiling, but with his head down. What was so funny? She grabbed her beer and sucked down as much as she could. Devon’s presence pushed against her skin, making her whole body come alive. She glance over and saw that he was watching her.

“You never called me either, you know.” The words were quiet, but she knew he’d heard them. The anger and hurt that flashed across his face vanished as fast as they’d appeared. Had she been imagining it?

Devon pressed his lips together and threw back the scotch. “You see those stairs right there?” He pointed to the far left corner of the room. “You’re going to get up, and you’re going to go up them. There’s a room at the top. Mine. You have five minutes to be kneeling in front of my bed, naked.” He stood and headed toward the front entrance, but he didn’t make it five feet before he turned back to face her. “There’s someone up there. You’re not to say one word to them. Act like they don’t even exist.” With that, she watched as he disappeared through the doors she’d come in.

Holy shit! What had just happened? Did she listen to him? Leave? She was in way too far over her head.

“You better hurry up.” Brady smiled at her. “You’re two minutes in and only have three to spare.” 

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