Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The 30 Day Sub info and teasers

I have to say, I am EXTREMELY excited about this book! The 30 Day Sub came to me one night right before I fell asleep, and it was an idea that left such an impact that I woke up that morning and raced to my computer to begin writing it. Torrance and Cate's story poured from with so much heat, love, and romance, that I was blown away by the time I finished. Since the few weeks since I've submitted to Evernight Publishing (and they've accepted!) I've read it two more times. I'm telling you, this story has stolen my heart. To all those readers who like contemporary romance, erotica, and BDSM, I really hope you give this story a chance, once it becomes available. I really think you'll like it. :)

Here's a story teaser, and an erotic one.(UNEDITED) Enjoy!

Cate craves a master more than anything. The moment she meets Torrance McLaren, her trainer, she knows that his firm hand and gentle heart is exactly what she needs to get over her weight and trust issues from her dark past. But Torrance is so much more than what she expected. She quickly catches herself falling for him.
The successful gallery owner claims her for his own for the thirty days, until her master picks her up on his arrival back to the states. Things turn hot, fast, and the temptation to give in to each other, completely, is overwhelming for both.

Although sex comes with the territory, neither one knows if their heart can handle the loss of their connection once their time is up. Torrance loves everything about Cate’s soft voice and naturally submissive ways. She has gorgeous curves, and a big heart. But should he risk everything for a thirty day sub?



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